How Can We Achieve Age Diversity in Silicon Valley?
Steven Levy

This issue is great and important for everyone, changing it is difficult to sort out in half an hour, but to age bias caused by injuries and concern for this subject, I feel I have to write something that I support.

From another point of view, as long as you live,
age keeps increasing at the same time,
resume was opened and less, want to start to be able to find resources or reduced day by day, when the community as a whole has the same and unsubstantiated prejudices, inversely proportional to the age and ability, particularly in Silicon Valley the related industries in the area.

In the previous response, mentioned something about a certain age success, as I caught a Black Swan, and cannot change most swans are white, in Silicon Valley companies, especially start-ups, are almost impossible to see employees above a certain age.

Today you on age have negative of bias, that you fundamental is in discrimination future of yourself, because one day you you of age also will arrived that points, dang a people on age has negative and low effectiveness of bias, you is equal to put all of elderly, all are of about you imagine in the of like, next, you of children, you of grandson granddaughter, also will according to also path and thinking mode, looked down on has age of you.

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