All eyes on exchange rates in the 6 month countdown to Brexit

With little under six months until Britain formally leaves the EU on the 29th March 2019, there is still a lot of uncertainty around what the deal will be, what it could mean for the UK economy and the kind of relationship Britain will have with the EU in the future.

We have highlighted what we think are the key dates over the next 6 months as Britain looks to agree a Brexit deal in our Countdown to Brexit

The outcome (or lack of outcome in some scenarios) of these key events could create volatility on the currency markets and impact the value of the Pound.

This year, we have seen Sterling trade in a range of 5.3% against the Euro, and 12% against USD.

The ongoing uncertainty around the Brexit negotiations and perceived instability within the UK Government have been key influencers. The major concerns are surrounding the agreement of the final deal with the EU, and whether Parliament will formally pass it.

In the US, the Dollar has been strengthening on the back of the increasing of US Interest Rates from circa. 1% to 2–2.25%. The trade war between the US and China is also having an impact on global growth and sentiment, and is driving investors into the perceived ‘Safe Haven’ of Japanese Yen.

GBPEUR 01/01/2018–28/09/2018. Source: Reuters
GBPEUR 01/01/2018–28/09/2018. Source: Reuters

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Nobody can know for sure what will happen over the next six months, or how the UK will be impacted once a deal has been agreed with the EU. But it seems reasonable to assume that there may be some volatility for the Pound whilst the deal is being negotiated.

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