TheDevTheoryConf 2018

The inaugural edition of TheDevTheory Conference, held on 14th April 2018 at Le Meridien Gurgaon, was a huge success. The underlying idea was to bring start-ups, enterprises and active developer community together and provide them a platform to share their ideas and perspective on technology.

The event was organized by Xebia, next-generation digital transformation and global IT company, and was sponsored by GitHub, StackState, Infragistics who are leading software development platform providers. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from nearly 180 attendees from various technology companies including renowned industry speakers and seasoned developers. The theme of the conference revolved around two tracks — 21st Century Web Development & Cloud, Containers and Scalability. The one-day conference inspired software technology enthusiasts to learn, share and shape new ideas on cutting edge technologies like Containerization, Serverless, Cloud Platforms, CI/CD, Infrastructure Monitoring and Orchestration Tools face, Node.js, MEAN, Angular.JS, React/Redux, Polymer and other JavaScript frameworks.

The conference commenced with welcome speech from Anand Sahay, CEO, Xebia and was followed by a keynote session by Lee Faus, Solutions Architect, GitHub. There were a wide variety of interesting and informative sessions by various experts including those by Shekhar Gulati, Chief Technology Evangelist Xebia India, Apoorv Saxena, Engineering Manager & Open Source Contributor- Directri, and Jason Beres, Sr. VP Developer Tools at Infragistic. The sessions were very well received by the audience as it bought to the fore latest practices, ideas and trends in different technologies of web development.

Apart from the sessions, there were booths set up by GitHub, Xebia Academy, StackState and Xebia India to showcase their product offerings. Attendees thronged the booths and shared their queries and experience of the event.

Also, there was live coverage of the session along with multiple social media contests to engage the audience. To keep participants energy level high, there was a selfie booth that gave them chance to take back memories of the event.

The first edition of TheDevTheory conference was very well received and it concluded with a thank you note from Aditya Kalia, CTO Xebia India for the active participation of attendees. He also thanked them for sharing insightful thoughts and ideas on modern technologies, frameworks and best practices.

Catch the glimpses — TheDevTheory Conf 2018| Aftermovie