Holistic Health: Chapter 2

. The primary objective of holistic medicine is to attain and maintain wellness.

Factors that determine physical health:

sleep, diet and nutrition, exercise, environmental awareness.

  1. Sleep:
  • Lack of sleep results in poor immune functioning, increased susceptibility to disease, stress, decreased mental clarity, depression, anxiety, poor job performance, and a rise in accidents.
  • Sleeping pills are highly addictive and often lead to dependency.
  • A more natural alternative: a bedtime routine that synchs up with the body’s natural circadian rhythm (rise at 6 or 7am, sleep no later than 10pm).
  • Diet/Nutrition
  • Whole foods are unprocessed and unadulterated.
  • Processed foods contain toxic ingrediants such as: additives, sweeteners, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils.
  • Fruits and vegitables contain enzymes, which are essential to digestion
  • Drinking at least 8 glasses of water/day is crucial to maintianing optimal health
  • 200 mg or less of caffeine is recommended for optimal health
  • Food combining may also be helpful: avoiding comsumption of protein and carbohydrates simultaneously, for instance.
  • Nutritional supplementation can be helpful (especially those who are susceptible to stress, have compromised immune systems, allergies, and preganant women).

3. Exercise

. Exercise has been known to increase energy level, improve digestion, increase circulation, promote restful sleep, decrease stress, increase self esteem, raise HDL (good) cholesterol levels, increase longevity, strengthen mental acuity, and decrease depression and anxiety.

. Aerobic exercise delivers O2 throughout the body which in turn, lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and leads to greater cardiac efficiency.

. Stretching improves circulation and the health of tendons and ligaments.

. Maintaining muscle strength is essential for joint stability.

Environmental awareness

. Being in an environment with low rates of toxins and pollutants

. Eating a diet rich in anti-oxidents to counteract the effect of toxins

. Surrounding oneself with fresh air, trees and plants

. Using non-toxic products

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