The women’s World cup

I find it very weird that the women’s world cup is not trending. Not on twiter, facebook, medium, or newly launched (these are my social media homes of choice).

I know for a fact the women’s world cup is carefully designed to not clash with the Male World Cup, Olympics, English Premier League (or any of the top 5 leagues) Champions League, FA cup, or any major competition (I want to spitefully leave out Copa Americana). This is the time when all football fans are experiencing withdrawal symptoms and will make time to watch the women play, then obviously and predictably fall in love with the women’s game. But this year has been different…

Because Canada is hosting the tournament, I will put the reduced buzz to the timing (most are 4pm E.T) because the rest of the world which is super crazy about football (read: Europe, Africa, Asia) is mostly asleep at this time. I’m not one to blame FIFA but I do think we could have done better. Maybe later matches under flood lights would make more sense if you are realistically trying to raise the game and reach a wider audience?

FIFA has never treated the women as they deserved to be treated and the stars of the World Cup need to lobby the next president to do better. A start will be an apology for he atrocious decision to play this tournament on turf instead of grass-and to ensure it NEVER happens again. It has changed the dynamics of the game no doubt as the women are less likely to throw themselves into tackles unlike the 2011 world cup, and it I also affect recovery time. I have already written and moaned about how sexist that is so I will not go back into that today.

One thing I will say is that I am always happy about the showcase of talent and how many outspoken queer people and allies are in the women’s sport. Hopefully, the men’s sport follow the women’s example and one day be accommodating to sexually diverse persons…

In the mean time, please enjoy this video by Ally Hills cos I imagine this is how most of the players are taken care of when they leave the pitch. In a perfect world that is… ;)