XEL Update — May 2019

recent issues

Let’s start with the good stuff, what was our main issues !

xel.org website

Since the end of 2018, we’ve been working with an agency on a new website. We decided to work with an external contractor because we wanted to build something meaningful.

xel core infrastructure

We started to host few “trusted” nodes and the testnet on servers managed by the team to ensure a better resilience. We will also use a second domain xel-project.org to ensure a better redundancy.

state of the devs

Another thing that slowed us down, one of the historical devs, ek, couldn’t work on xel since January. We’re still in touch with him, don’t worry about it. Let us remind you that xel operates on zero funds, only voluntary developers and friends who helps with the skills they have. We don’t have the firepower of multi-millions ETH ICO projects, so we do our best.


We are thinking about opening a patreon for those of you who want to support us. We’re not looking to get massive funding, but just a few bucks to pay for the backup servers, things like that


We’ve been in contact with the MintFlint team for a while, and we are happy to announce that they agreed to do an airdrop to all xel holders !


That is all for now, i hope you still have faith in the project (we do), and if like others you want to come to discord and chat with us, we always have time to answer all of your questions :)



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