I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

Amy! When asked about female harassment in tech workplaces, men at all levels deny that it exists. Conveniently not giving promotions or failing to position women to advance their careers. I’ve even already been offered a position, by a married man, in exchange for sexual favors. Reading your article makes me realize that if I am to pursue tech it won’t be at Silicon Valley, ever. And to take it one step further, the men involved in those “private parties” since they don’t wear special name tags declaring they are chauvinist sex fiends, I’ll just start a personal dating boycott.

Thanks for speaking out! I really believe there should be a group for educated women to support each other through these experiences with men that actively seek to degrade women. I had a similar experience as a health physicist, that ultimately cost me my job due to poor performance reviews. I didn’t take my sexual harassment case to court either and HR did nothing about it as well when I went to them with my concerns.

All of the work and sacrifice to have one person or group of persons have so much control over our income, lives, and career. I believe there is strength in numbers, power in compassion, fierce loyalty to kindness and a commitment to support and contribute to those with an honest and true intention to serve others. Where chauvinist men and those that are supportive of their ways have beaten, abused, and used those of us up with a beauty within that threatens their power and control, it is up to us to find each other and build another way.

Cheers to healing!