Twizo Partners Xenchain To Offer Two Factor Authentication Solutions For Customer Digital Onboarding

Twizo, A Two Factor Authentication Provider

Twizo, a two factor authentication provider partners Xenchain in further enhancing digital security for customer digital onboarding process. The partnership is a natural one in a world that demands increased efficiency in conjunction with decreased consumer friction. Simply put, Twizo and Xenchain are two sides of the same coin.

Current Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures require lengthy and friction filled manual steps that involve multiple document submissions across every service a user may wish to engage with. Xenchain, a blockchain company, aims to simplify identity verification through the use of e-KYC technology making users navigation through online services a one size fits all solution.

“We felt Xenchain was a natural partner for us. They are focused on simplifying the KYC procedures of the web while not at all sacrificing the security and authenticity of KYC itself. This very much fit inline with our belief that simplicity does not need to degrade security”, said Eric Dadoun, Chief Operating Officer at Twizo.

The threats we face online are extensive though and multiple solutions are required in order to tackle the multiple different areas of cybersecurity. In steps Twizo who is focused on offering simple to use, easy to integrate and extensive two factor authentication solutions via both free and paid solutions.

“Both Twizo and Xenchain share similar value of being customer-centric. Thus, we are delighted to partner Twizo to make digital onboarding and customer authentication a seamless experience instead of taking hours or days. We believe this partnership will be able to offer more cost effective ways for both enterprise and customers”, said Elwin Chin, Head of Business Development at Xenchain

“Although 2FA and KYC are two different areas of the fight against identity theft and cybersecurity, the philosophy both companies are working with blend well and so we are really looking forward to cooperating with Xenchain in this area”, Dadoun continued.

About Twizzo
Twizo owned and operated by Silverstreet which is a cloud communications company that has been active in mobile telecommunications space since 1999. We make 2FA impossibly simple with a developer first approach. Free & paid solutions with 3rd party integrations and a long list of APIs for you to engage with. 2FA should be easy, cheap and easy to understand. We’re working hard to make that happen. Whether you need Two Factor Authentication, SMS or Number Lookups we got you covered at Twizo.

About Xenchain
Xenchain accelerates and strengthen identity verification processes by using e-KYC technology that requires facial recognition, making manual document authentication a thing of the past.

We create and distribute XENCs to utilize the decentralized network of blockchain technology and enhancing personal data security by controlling where the data is stored and who has access to that information. It also allows identity owners to own, control and manage their digital identity.

With Xenchain, we are able to help your compliance team efficiently assess and process existing/new customers by streamlining their workflow and automating the screening and verification process even cross-referenced against international credit bureaus and watch list database.

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