Xenchain On the Blockchain using IPFS

For those of you who dont know, Xenchain has a demo app available for download for iOS and is on the Google Play store as well. Xenchain’s latest progress update involves an update to the MVP, where we deployed IPFS nodes and enabled storing of the hash key onto the blockchain.

The Flow of our Blockchain Solution for End-User starts with the user registering his/her account in our App. In this case, our app framework will provide the distinctive details (Private & Public Keys as well as Blockchain Address) to the user, which will then be stored into User’s Personal Device. Afterwards, the user will proceed to Onboarding, in which, the user provide their personal details through the scan of Identity Cards.

Flow diagram of how users interact with the Xenchain app for a typical onboarding process.

In addition, Face-Match is required as further security for your personal details. After the Onboarding is completed, the user’s Personal Details will be submitted and encrypt by our Private IPFS Nodes. Subsequently, the IPFS Nodes will pass an encrypted hash which would then be submitted to the Blockhain Network. In this case, the personal details of the user can only be retreived if the user provide the private key, which are created when the user register through the app.

As per the Flow of our Blockchain Solution, it allows our App to ensure that the user’s personal details will be store securely and can only be accessed through User’s Private key. In this case, through the use of IPFS Node, the personal details of each user will not only be stored in one place, however will be spread throughout the node allowing full redundancy if any IPFS Node is down. Furthermore the nature of IPFS would meant that existing personal details will continually be updated throughout the node, further enhancing the reliability. In addition, each personal details is encrypted by the IPFS Node, which in turn is further encrypted by the blockchain network. This meant that every personal details stored in IPFS Node can only be accessed by the Blockchain Network and the User’s Private Key.

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