Announcing the Xenio ICO coin sale

We are pleased to announce that the Xenio coin sale will begin at midnight on the morning of October 27, 2017, UTC time.

You may convert the start time to your own locale at or check our countdown timer at

A total of 70,000,000 coins were generated in the genesis block of the production Xenio blockchain. 10,000,000 are reserved for development purposes and staff incentives. The remaining 60,000,000 will be sold during the crowdsale in four distinct stages.

The crowdsale stages are described in the chart below. The beta Xenio client for Windows will be made available for download at the start of the Early Presale. After the Early Presale is complete, the details of the remaining rounds will be announced.

All prices are in US Dollars, and will be calculated as of the end of each round. For example, if purchasing during Stage 1 using one Bitcoin where the exchange rate is $6,000 per Bitcoin at the close of the round, the buyer will receive $6,000/$1.50, or 4,000 Xenio coins. Or, if the price of one Bitcoin at the end of Stage 2 is $7,000, the number of coins purchased in the second round would be calculated at $7,000/$2.50, or 2,800 Xenio coins per Bitcoin.

Final distribution of Xenio coins to crowdsale participants will take place within two weeks following the end of the final stage, and in the event there are any unsold coins, they will be burned prior to distribution.

If you have any questions, please contact us on our Slack channel, A public invitation to join Slack is available at

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