Xenio, for Game Publishers.

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With the introduction of the open source Xenio gaming platform, any game can now take advantage of a decentralized P2P distribution infrastructure to lower publishing costs and improve gamer interaction and loyalty. Because it’s decentralized, the Xenio platform is not owned by a corporation — or even by any individual, for that matter. The initial idea, design, and development is being spearheaded by a close-knit team of developers dedicated to ensuring a successful launch for the system, and because the project is open source, any other developer, whether independent or part of an established team, may submit their own code to introduce new features. Whether you are looking for a way to provide a better matchmaking system, a way to easily create blockchain tokens for in-game assets, a method of expanding your in-game economy, or even rolling your own fundraising in a decentralized system, Xenio has what you need. But unlike traditional platforms, in Xenio, these features can be completely decentralized and based on automated blockchain smart contracts.

It’s free: There are no fees or up-front costs to publish and distribute your gaming content on the Xenio Platform. And because no centralized entity owns the system, there is no publishing company to keep a percentage of your profits, either.

It’s liberating: Existing game distribution companies are all closed-source proprietary walled gardens, owned and managed by the big game publishing cartels. Independent game developers can join, but only if they pay for the privilege and agree to give up 30% or more of their profits. Additionally, most of these closed systems don’t handle the trade of in-game assets, and have limited scalability due to their centralized infrastructure. With Xenio, you can distribute your game on your terms, updating it when and as often as you want through a smart contract. With Xenio, your options are limitless.

It’s rewarding: All participants on the network are rewarded with Xenio coins, which are distributed automatically by the system based on each user’s participation in the network. The mechanism is based on our Proof-of-Networking system, which rewards server operators for hosting game servers, and which is designed to encourage server operators to invest in better hardware for the benefit of gamers.

The Xenio Cryptocurrency, XNO

It’s a gamer coin: XNO is much like Bitcoin. It’s a cryptocurrency that is supported on the Xenio platform and tied to the built-in wallet of the client application. The utility of the XNO coin extends beyond just the Xenio client.

It has it’s own blockchain: The backbone of Xenio is a game optimized, dedicated blockchain, optimized for gaming and which uses a modified proof-of-stake system we proudly call “proof-of-networking,” or PoN. PoN is used as a reward mechanism for server operators hosting high availability game servers.

Xenio blockchain is optimized for gaming : The dedicated blockchain enables optimization of game data distribution.

Gaming Decentralization

Easy Smart contracts for gaming : By using smart contracts on the Xenio blockchain, developers, gamers, and server operators alike can each create their own advanced interactive token rulesets to create complex IFTTT-style logic affecting game assets. Since token descriptions can be publicly visible, anyone can read the public information about token state, allowing novel new markets to be created for tokens in any number of ways. Smart contracts can facilitate automatic sorting and ranking systems for any element, enabling features like game leaderboards and fair tournament matchmaking, further enriching the game experience. Smart contracts can also be utilized to create private publisher-to-consumer interactions, such as an exclusive game asset exchange that only opens with a non tradeable game-specific token. The well-documented smart contract mechanism is easy to manage and extremely flexible.

Has it’s own built-in currency-agnostic payment support: Because Xenio is based on blockchain technology, it’s being built from the ground up to support cryptocurrency transactions. While Bitcoin and XNO will be the first currencies supported, any number of other currencies can be supported through the decentralized payment system. The Xenio payment gateway makes paying for content with cryptocurrency simple and painless. Future 3rd party plugins may allow other payment gateways to interface with the payment system, for instance allowing platform users to transact directly with credit card processing or other payment companies without having to create a full PCI-compliant gateway or deal with merchant accounts.

Extensibility: The flexibility and extensibility of the Xenio platform is truly revolutionary. Possible future features include the ability for users to rent a preconfigured server of their own from other gamers, and set their own game conditions while getting paid to offset the cost of the rental. Existing games will be able to integrate into the Xenio platform simply by creating plugins with our tool library. Games can be created where players can leave their full-client PC game at home and play connected mobile-based minigames, sharing items and completing quests that result in rewards on the PC version. The open source nature of the platform and our public APIs and SDKs allow for extended use cases — this model is highly extensible, future-proof, and promotes a high level of community involvement through 3rd party customizations and equal access for specialized and niche games. The technology powering the Xenio system isn’t limited just to gaming. 
The projected global node distribution of the Xenio system combined with the Proof of Networking model can be expanded to support additional decentralized architectures in the future.

A revolution for gaming

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