My 2015, First time feel better

Recently i have read and i thought i should do it the same. And i’m agree with Tobias van Schneider “This is for yourself.”


I have read more books than past years, more than 15 .hmm still have lots books in my apartment i haven’t have time to read them. Like the word said “Buy books like the mountain collapse, Read books like reel off raw silk from cocoons . The great book i read this year is Jean-Christophe. It’s a great book, see a great man’s life and what problem he faces to, I learn a lot from him. I would read it again.

Jean-Christophe(Chinese Translated Edition)

Working out

There is a gym place open near our office in March, and my company start to cover our membership fee if you go at least twice a week. That’s really good. Before that i haven’t work out. It’s about 14376 calories total and 39 hours now if i remember bring my sports watch and open it.


Yes, i do work out this and also drink lots of beer, different kinds of beer. Before this year i only know some Chinese beers(not brewed beer), like Snow, Qingdao etc. Now i can say i know some beer and i found my favorite beer (7 Hop produced by Rogue) that makes me every happy. Even i have a tag #beer #beertype on my instagram. I know too much beer/alcohol is not good, i am trying not drink too much everytime. At the end year my colleague invite me make our own beer, it’s super fun, I can drink our beer after two weeks.


This year i think i have learn a lot from our previous project, it’s about Myanmar Election (See my blog High Security Electron JS Application With React JS And Golang For The Myanmar Election). It’s a more than half year project, i got lots of pressure than before. It’s very interesting project, building an application for an election. I got lots issues because of my lack experience on application structure design. It makes me very painful at some time, i spend a lots of time to fix some small mistake i made before. Lucky the project closed successfully. The important thing i learned is “Always has a Plan B.”


For some reason i have been several cities this year, Shenzhen, Berlin, Prague, Yangon. Three different counties Germany, the Czech Republic, Myanmar. This year is my first time out of my country,i start see the world. It made me really thought the world is so big. And see the different culture, met different people (Drink different kind of beer ^_^ .).

Sleep rider in Yangon


This year is big different for me, i have done lots of things i have ever done before, and try lots of things i haven’t tried before. Good 2015 Hope better 2016 ^_^

ps: i not good at english, but i force myself do it. welcome to advise me.