Human Stormtroopers

The other aspect of JJ’s that I noticed was the touch of humanity and even slighter touch of humour endowed to the otherwise droidic stormtroopers.

Droidic isn’t a word. Neither is stormtroopers.

The visuals of the Star Wars franchise are easily identifiable. Note that, that isn’t an easy task, anymore. So many sci-fi movies have been made in the recent past, each with more breathtaking visuals than the last, that being able to create a differentiated landscape is tougher than it sounds. Look at where Nolan takes his movies to! From icy, cold worlds to dusty, underground prisons. Yet, what helps the franchise is the presence of delectable appetizing life forms.

Remember Watto? the bug like smuggler, who hovered above Anakin, barking orders? Or maybe, someone more closer to heart — Jabba the Hutt?

Did you ever see, ‘Return of the Jedi’?

Do you remember the scene with Jabba the Hutt?

So Jabba had, as his prisoner, Princess Leia. Princess Leia was wearing this gold bikini thing.

You probably remember the scene from the popular sitcom FRIENDS more vividly that the one from Star Wars, yet for the uninitiated dorks who still haven’t seen the trilogies, that scene is one of the sexiest ones ever to be shown on screen. And not because of the bikini, oh, we have plenty of those! No, because of the leash. So Jabba had, as his prisoner, Princess Leia and he had her on a fucking leash. Jabba’s ugly form complemented with him yanking the chain dragging the princess, dressed in clothes endowed by him and her falling helplessly on him, was quite the ultimate rendition of sexual slavery. Leia didn’t seem so helpless a few minutes later when she strangled Jabba dead, not ironically with his chain, that too.

But non human animate life forms have always been centerstage in the Star Wars movies.

And here is where I wish I could see some more. JJ is good with this, in fact this is one if his strengths.

This is Cooper, or at least a graphic rendition of JJ’s Cooper from his movie, Super 8. The movie’s nice, though not very memorable. Could you picture this monster as an antagonist in EPISODE IX JUDGMENT OF THE SITH? Instead of the cute pair of Rey and Ren locked in a death fight, imagine Rey pitched against this monster, imagine a frozen world, specked with dust, and star dust locked away as blue and jaded purple, fight till the very end. Looking back at THE FORCE AWAKENS though, Ren’s master does seem shockingly like it, no?

The most has beautifully set up a ton of great characters though. And it has done well with the old Hans Solo — given him a graceful definitive death. I’d like to see a little bit more of Leia though, and Yoda! Hey, where is Yoda?

JJ claims that Yoda, or at least his voice, is present in the movie. Rey could hear them, too bad you couldn’t. But then again, you’re no Jedi.

The other aspect of the movie that intrigues me is the absence of a kiss.

There are no intimate scenes in the entire movie. It does seem rather odd a business decision. When you’re targeting kids, a lot of them rather young, you do wish to give them some intrigue and what’s more intriguing than a harmless kiss. I’m pretty certain kids across the world were not scarred for life when they figured the incestuous strain in the first trilogy. So, why not just tease their fantasies a little bit? I’m not sure what the pair would be, but I’m pretty certain it has Rey in it. Rey’s character is truly one with the light, starting with her radiant face to her shabby clothes.

But coming back to FN-2187, that’s FINN’s actual name. Since the Star Wars movie do believe in lineage so much, let’s go back to the lineage of the original stormtroopers. As per THE ATTACK OF THE CLONES, the first army of the republic were a set of clones based on the bounty hunter Jango Fett. I couldn’t see a shred of similarity between the two. Arguably, the composition of the stormtroopers has diversified from the Clone Wars. But, FINN doesn’t have a name, at least, he doesn’t remember it. Which means, may be, he was bred from birth, grown in one of the fields the empire harvests from time to time. But the emotion of the stormtrooper is visible from the very first scene itself.

The SITH can feel it, a difference in the force. A subtle hint of the force from these lifeless clones? It does seem an aberration that I can’t yet explain. Maybe FINN’s lineage is more complicated than what appears to the naked eyes. I’ve had a discussion with fellow enthusiasts whether Rey and Ren were cousins or lovers or, even more interesting, maybe both!

Ahh! Sex with a stormtrooper!

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