Movie Review : Rachcha

Prol loves the movies, I love Prol, consequently; I love movies. Prol loves Popcorn, not just any popcorn, caramel cheese mix and the ratio needs to perfect too, I hate popcorn, consequently; we always buy popcorn at the movies. I never eat them. I once offered them to a cute girl sitting beside me at the movies, what happened next, in that story though; is inconsequential to this write here.

Prol is a man of his roots, so once in a while he has to force himself to get back to them. Well, you know how it is, a nice South Indian mega meal and then a nice time at one of those Gult movies.

Shubham being hungry as well, we went off to a nice place called, Banana Leaf, on a brisk Sunday afternoon. We waited in the queue outside and had a pretty awesome meal, then waited for Prol to finish his pretty awesome meal and then what was left of our pretty awesome meals and then stepped outside for a filter coffee and a cigarette.

Prol was going to watch “Rachha” (I do hope I got the spelling right!) and there was no stopping him, literally or otherwise. I had nothing to do on that particular Sunday afternoon, so I thought, well, what the fuck! I’ll go to.

The guy in the queue thought I was some retard ass Gult, who’s a fan of the super stud Rachha, I thought, well, why not! So I got us a couple of tickets and Prol rushed over for the popcorn. Loaded and set, in what I expected to be a memorial of empty seats, I entered to find a full house with a couple of available seats in a corner.

Was it surreal that there was a striking resemblance between the man sitting next to me and Rachha’s villain, the dad of the, well fake dad of the super cute girl that was as fair as Rachha was, well, no racism in this post! How’d I know which was the villain, well you see — I was having a blast!

So Rachha is this story of a daring handsome charmer called, well, but of course, Rachha; though his kick ass opening dialogue introduces him as, “Raj, betting Raj, aadmi kam, risk zyaada”, at which point I realized I was going to love this movie; but before I give you the review here’s one thing you should know about Gult movies.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever, and I mean, ever lays a hand on the hero (unless, of course, his mother probably, but that’s an exception!)

So one of Rachcha’s family members gets sick and required immediate surgery, (what’s amazing is how the family never has a clue!) and so Rachcha needs an obscure amount of money really quickly. So he gets into this bet with a rich kid, who dares him to fool around with my neighbour’s daughter.

What the exact nature of the bet was, I couldn’t follow (for language, constraints, of course and just in case I missed it, there were no subtitles, either!), but you get the gist of it. Though I think we need to take out some time out to appreciate this girl.

Like I have mentioned previously, she was really fair, which was kind of ironic since I haven’t seen a girl as fair as her in Bollywood; but then so’s life. I forgot her on screen name but she’s actually called Tamannah and she plays one of those cute, misunderstood, arrogant princesses that we’d all die to fall in love with. So Tamannah eventually falls for “Betting Raj”, (who wouldn’t, I’d say!) but before they can have sex there’s a twist in the plot.

Here’s where I had a tiny problem in comprehension, so they had a flashback scene, with a lot of characters in tint and a sequence quite similar to the Agneepath introduction. With some help from Prol, who clearly was having the best movie experience of his life, with the entire tub to himself, I figured that Tamannah’s dad wasn’t exactly Tamannah’s dad and had actually killed her real father and adopted her for her real dad’s wealth; basically some malicious intention, the exact nature of which I was least interested in, since I knew what was about to follow was Betting Raj, kicking some trillion asses alone.

And kick he did, but before that a really cool part! So Betting Raj comes up to the villain, whose crazy kid shows him on his awesome iPad, a live recording of Tamannah held captive in a temple somewhere and Betting Raj loses it. What happens next is history, Rachcha pretty much slays everyone around, rescues the damsel and all is good in Gult land, once again!

So the moral of this story, apart from the obvious ones of course, Gult movies are really easy to follow even if you’re not a Gult yourself; some Gult heroines are so pretty they make you curse your lineage and well, you don’t mess with Betting Raj — but you already knew that!

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