The title is Cars!

5 of us decided to venture to Kashid Beach, on a particular weekend, farewell party, birthdays, new jobs, we had lots to celebrate. We took Prol’s car, can’t forget that bit. Prol was all excited though, rarely happens, these days. These days a half a bottle of Vodka and Prol sits down to read, not that time though. Shubham was financing along with Maddu, good deal we had there. Not getting into too many background specifics, Bansal and me were welcome guests.

“So who knows the road to Kashid, well it’s just a few hours from Bombay, somewhere on the Goa highway.”

“Goa highway or maybe Pune?”

“GPS rules though”.

So we’re in the car, music’s on, we’re loaded, poker chips, a bat, a ball, even a motherfucking football. Stuff carefully tucked in, single malts and what not, when we realize that, well, the GPS doesn’t work cause we’re under a bridge somewhere, so Bansal, who’s in the front seat, lowers his window to ask for directions.

Well, sort of, he rolls down his windows and shouts, “Kashid”, no direction; no intent. We’re on a busy signal and there are autowallahs and cabbies everywhere, one of them looks at Bansal and then, conveniently gets back to his job. Before Bansal can respond, he’s off; the signal’s turned and we take the right, since that’s where the traffic seemed to be going.

We figured out we were on the wrong way sometime later, took a couple of calls, asked a few people, keeping Bansal out of the way, and were on the road again. We stopped to pick up more supplies, Maddu and me had a little football game, actually we did that multiple times, till it got fucking dark and we couldn’t see much. We got down to a nice hotel with its own private beach and insanely loud music, no, bad loud music. We rolled a few “bad boys” as Prol would like to call them, got into the car and headed off to the private beach.

Question being, if the beach was so private, why couldn’t we walk to it?

So there’s this thin road that cuts through Kashid, the hotel is on one side the beach on the other, so we figured we’d take the car, there, there was apparently a parking, we’d park the car and then walk.

Sounded like a safe plan, though we kind of took a wrong right, well to be completely honest, there wasn’t a turn there, there was the road and a stony abyss 20 feet down, sloped and laced with tiny pebbles and well we thought the car was as tough as the owner so we took the car down and parked it there.

Maddu and me, the enthusiasts, got ahead, asked the guys to flash some headlights and walked off to realize that there was this really beautiful beach ahead, but wonderfully enough; there was a problem, so before we could appreciate the sights, sound and the touch of Kashid, we went back to see these three guys trying to get the car back up on the road.

Question being, why did we need to get the car back up?

Prol had decided that it was too steep a slope to have gotten the car down in the first place, and now that the car was down he wanted to get it back up, cause, well, it was his car. So all of us besides Maddu, cause he was carrying the bag and me who was helping him carry the bag and Shubham who wasn’t comfortable trying and Prol, who was just damn pissed, we all (Bansal, which leaves) took turns to try and get the car up the slope, but it kept reaching a point and then just start gargling like an idiot. The tyres were getting butchered, so was the engine; so a frantic 15 minutes later, with a visibly pissed Prol, we got our cellphones lit and walked ahead.

No more questions though, dead silence, only the sound of the water, the star lit sky, there was no moon that day and a very nice cool breeze. This place was like a cutout between two really nice, big beach houses and all but one, of the lights were out, so it was really dark. The sand felt nice and we took a spot.

I could sum up the incident here, but it wouldn’t be as exciting as what happened next. We talked, asked, sang, drank, and then sang again. Maddu recorded, that filthy bastard! In retrospect though we sang quite well and Maddu was just too excited about technology, the concept being a little new to him.

Prol fell on the sand. Literally, fell. He said he had to pee and got up, and tumbled and fell on the sand. Then he stayed there for a couple of minutes and then said, “Guys, I fell!”. We didn’t pick him up though, we couldn’t have tried in all honesty. We just stared at the black mass close to us and laughed our guts out. Bansal got into a race with his clothes, no against his clothes and his cigarette and won! and the remainder of the evening was great until we decided to wind up.

Have you ever tried looking for a gold ring, in the sand, at night, when you’re drunk? Well for all practical purposes it’s hilarious! So we’re 4 guys squandering in the sand with no clue of what or why we’re doing what we’re doing and rubbing our hands all over the sweet sand. Prol was in a corner, asleep. Yes the 125 kg monster, who drinks whisky like water was wasted. After a few minutes of that someone realizes that we’re just probably screwing the hunt more with every passing second so we stop. The whisky case acting as a placeholder, we walked back to the hotel, cars and rings right there.

We woke up the next morning and started playing cricket, inside the room. So Maddu woke up and then Bansal and they started playing, so we all joined. That was some fun cricket though. Checking out was a pain since all of the remainder of the contents of Prol’s bag including his phone, ipod and keys were in a corner of the room soaking in water. So Prol whom cricket had charmed up in the morning started to get sulky again and then remembered that his car was fucked, so Maddu went with a guy on a bike to get a truck to pull the car up (Ya, that was plan B), while I tried to call a toll truck without a number, Prol went to check on his car, with his driver and Shubham went to find his ring.

Sometime later though we all met at the same spot, the abyss, well Shubham and Maddu were still looking for the ring, in the sand, while Prol and me were trying to stop random vehicles on the road and the driver struggled with the car.

Then Bansal pulls one out. So we’d stopped a truck with a rope and convinced the guy to help us out. Bansal was supposed to get the car up as far as he could and then lock the wheels. We’d tie the rope to the car and the trucker would pull us up.

Bansal did it in one go,

He kept driving and the car just liked his touch, maybe, the car was up. Prol was happy with Bansal around for the first and only time, maybe in their mutual coexistence. Shubham and Maddu came back from their wasteful search and we drove back.

So we lost an insanely expensive ring and almost wrecked Prol’s car, I still had fun, well, we still had fun!

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