Why feeling her up doesn’t make all that sense!

I don’t know what it is about me, but glancing off her arm gently still evokes a warmer sensation in me than running my hands down her back.

Don’t get me wrong altogether!

I’m not a fan of the theatre of public display but I don’t despise it either. I usually stare for a while and once I’ve had my fill go back to the world. I’ve once kissed a girl, waiting at the center of a bar with the whole world looking and enjoyed every damned second of it. So the rule for me is, if it feels right, do it!

Though it doesn’t feel quite right when you need to run your fingers over every single inch of skin, uncovered or otherwise.

The charm for me is in the subtlety I guess, and whatever that is, it isn’t subtle! I’m a big fan of subtlety, the letter instead of the mix tape, the drawer instead of the cupboard, the portrait instead of seventeen thousand photographs.

So, when I gradually graze her skin or roll back her fringe when she laughs too hard, I feel it’s lesser of a disruption in whatever it was that she found so hilarious that she didn’t notice the touch, or maybe she just did, just so subtly.

I can’t argue with the boys that it makes the question so much clearer, the question being, am I getting to sleep with her tonight.


At least the way I describe it, the only two options the boys have after that, is she doesn’t flinch or you have Chilean sparkling wine all over your face and post that it is quite simple to know what’s going to happen tonight, but for me, I like the charm of unknowingness, well just until the point I kiss her good night. Post that, I want my coffee!

Could passion possibly be at the center of it all?

Well it makes us kill people and rob banks, so feeling up a girl doesn’t seem that all that distant a possibility. Somehow, though, I don’t quite don’t connect passion with it. I do connect passion her being so loud, that you get evicted, eventually, but honestly on most first dates, I feel more passionate about my glass of whiskey than her and so when I leave it to touch you honey, you know how much passion be in that touch!

So I guess what I’m saying is that a true romantic would never do it, or am I?

I’ve been called a bunch of good things by the ladies I’ve been with, but a romantic has never been one of them. Be that it may, I just cannot believe that the gorgeous woman beside, who’d spare her time to speak to me would like me knowing if her bra strap cut too deep or not.

Hell, I’d love to know whether she just forgot to wear one, but I’d like till the end of the night to find out. Guess, that’s just the way I like it.

Disclaimer: The thoughts represented here are purely my own and I present them here under the shadow of creative liberties.

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