Xequalgenie — The Burden of Labor

Zzzz Zzzz Bbzzz Zzz Bbzzzz was the last sound I heard. “What happened?” I think to myself. Everywhere I look is dark. A pressure was pushing all around me like I was in the belly of a beast. I begin to stretch out.

Ahhhhhhh!! Ahh!! A woman, screaming? I rest my leg and listen. Panting and sloshing are the muffed sounds coming from every direction. “Ninnge uthna” someone said. What is ninnge uthna I though still not being able to speak.

suddenly, I hear chanting, “Ninnge uthna Ninnge uthna NINNGE uthna NINNGE uthna NINNGE uthna”, and they began to chant faster, “NINNGE UTHNA NINNGE UTHNA NINNGE UTHNA NINNGE UTHNA NINNGE UTHNA!”

I begin to move

Pushed, being squeezed as if the beast stomach was rejecting me, my body feels ruined limp as I’m subjected to the force around me.

Then I see it, light, Light! Am I dead I thought? And as soon has I think that hand brace my shoulders

Everything was a blur, the chanting stopped

I was thrown in the air and I meet at the peak by another pair of hands, I vomit

I vomit goo, “Goo gooooo” i said to myself. I didn’t know what was going or what I was going through. All I could do was cry.

“Alex! Alex!” I yell. Screaming kicking in all directions.

Thump thump I hear the sounds of heavy feet pounding on the ground towards

Ahhhh ahhhh I scream terrified of this giant approaching me. It was huge man larger than anyone I have ever seen. He was as dark obsidian and his look was just as hard. He scooped me up with his hands soft as can be, he moved me into his arm and cradled me with only his palm. Such power, such stature I thought.

I looked down and saw my legs!

What the fuck! What the fuck! What the fuck! What the fuck! My legs were that of a baby! I reach down to touch my toe and it’s almost impossible, I try again I try again. The giant holding me began poking at me. Sinking is huge finger into my chest. I squirm underneath it and he retracted it.

Holy shit! I’m a baby. I’m a girl. What the fuck I repeat to myself over and over.

Growing up in the tribe has a unique experience. No one ever talked. We talked durning our ceremony but only the words spoken to us by the seer. In this culture words had a strong spiritual power. You did not speak unless God gives you the words. The cues of the people were and vast distinctive, if you had trouble trying to figure out sign language if you could see this it would blow your mind. I mean these people counted with their toes. In my seven years of this new life I saw only one man speak the words of Men and when the elders heard they bound him and tied him on the pack of the beast of burden and lead him into the forest. We were not allowed to venture into the deep forest east of our settlement for it was deemed evil by the ones before us. Durning ceremonies they represent these evil creatures with animal part clothing and act out scenes in our history.

Each year the king, my father, confers with the elders and goes into the deep woods to offer a young woman and a boy no older than 10 to the forest. They leave them there and they are never to return to the camp for they have been cursed by the high God Lucifer and they will surely die and bring famine.

God Lucifer is the cause of all evil for he was envious of humans and how they had free will. God Lucifer wanted to act on his own accord so bad that he broke the Chain of Life connecting the life stream and oblivion. So that’s what I could gather from the rituals. At this age a lot was still hidden from me like how they select who is to be sacrificed, the hidden power of speech and the evil forest itself.

Being a young lady approaching my teen years I was confined to the chores most women may endure, washing cloth, preparing meals which was quite fun because I was in assembly of 30 other women feeding the rest of tribe. I also got to tend to my personal garden of herbs and spices. Being the daughter of the high father Abenaki I did not have to lift a finger, but what kinda life is that? I participated in everything they would allow me. Even allowing me to learn how to protect myself. What I was most intrested in was my garden the elders came in everyday and showed me the remedies and powers the plants had. I became the number one authority over night to heal anyone who maybe ill so they can continue to work. Sadly it all came to an end when a wild boar torn up my garden. The wild boar collapsed after globbing up some nightshade I had grown in the back.

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