Ever Growing Trend Of Paper Less Printing In SMBs

As the technology advances everything evolves for the better, so are the demands of customers rising. Talking specifically about the printing field which has always played a very vital role in the offices, academic institutions, in forces and governmental institutes for record keeping. The trends of printing are changing to accommodate the needs. Usage of paper is going away, if not it is used in very little quantity.

Trend of change in SMBs:
Small businesses are always considered important for an economy’s growth. Some of the facts about the small and medium businesses say that more 80% SMBs wish to reduce the usage of paper in their invoices, legal forms, presentations and others to invest this time in other important matters.
Another survey of more than 1200 small businesses says that they are expected to implement the non paper notion in the next year.

Bottom line impact:
Nearly 50% of the SMBs have hinted that the time wastage is due to the intensive paper usage. According to Xerox Dubai 6 out of 10 people feel this wastage of time is influencing a larger impact on the bottom line.
Help seeking:
As most of the SMBs are looking to change their direction from paper to digitalization, almost all will seek the help of experts in the industry as only 1in 5 people have the idea of latest paper free printing trend.
• The studies show that 1 out of 4 SMBs will consult their IT equipment seller in this regard. 
• 37% of the users will take the help of the product manufacturer
• And the most number i.e. 47% will seek the assistance of companies which deal in office equipment.

Other ways to improve productivity:
SMBs have started exploring more aspects to improve their productivity besides setting their attention on digitalization.

These aspects include:

Mobile integration:
23 percent of small and medium businesses say that mobile integration will be a part of their business functions at the end of year 2017.

Mobile printing:
Currently about 66 percent SMBs have included printing from mobile to their projects. A large number that is remaining is expected to include it in the upcoming year. The main motives behind this are the information collected from remote workers, to get the full out of the mobile workers, ever enhanced and superior customer service options and most importantly meeting the needs of clients more effectively.

Usage of MFPs for security:
The need to secure important and valid information has grown more than ever. SMBs are following the trend by safeguarding their integral business information and data. According to survey 56 percent of SMBs use Xerox Dubai multifunctional printers to secure their important information. Not only this MFPs are allowing all the MFPs to work more efficiently taking less time.