What the data tells us about your chances of winning going into the final chase

The Chase is a British quiz show that’s been running on itv since 2009 and it is delightful. A group of four contestants play against one of a team of professional quiz champions (“the chaser”), each of them getting a considerable head start and still often losing.

If you’ve never watched it before, the structure of the show is as follows: The first round is the cash builder, where contestants get a minute to answer questions to amass cash — each correct question adds £1000 to their tally. Then, in round two, they go “head to head” with the chaser…

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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Apr 19 2020
@author: erinTHE BRIEF:
Structure has fallen away.
Let's do this logically: let's find the sequence, the definitions (def).
(Before this whole thing started I was learning to code)
The intention of this code is to organise experience, which is unorganisable."""def covid_19_news(number_of_cases): ''' I haven't thought of exponents since high school. I remember the wheat and chessboard problem: on the first square, you place a grain of wheat (1 grain) on the second square, you place double the wheat as the first square (2 grains, 3 grains total on…

As a writer, I find writing prompts useful as a sort of “warm up”. I don’t use them every day, but when it’s difficult to get to work, or I feel blocked, sometimes they can be a useful way to get my brain moving into a writerly mode.

The prompts I find most helpful are those prompts that put formal limitations on what you’re allowed to write. The constraint allows me to prioritise problem-solving over obsessing about writing quality or quantity. They get my internal editor to shut up for a bit as I look for solutions.

Very little of…

Tips and recommendations on how to have an alright time during isolation.

I spend a lot of time at home. I predominantly work from home, I have chronic illnesses that render me home-bound for swathes of time, and I like being at home.

I never thought of my homebody-ness as a skill before, but now Coronavirus is happening and people are being increasingly ordered to self-isolate, or are thinking of doing so voluntarily. If that’s you, this article is for you!

Isolation may bring with it feelings of frustration, loneliness, and boredom. These are valid. But I want to emphasise that these things are not necessarily synonymous with isolation. …

The Simpsons has inspired a huge fandom to respond creatively to their every meme. But as fans work with the same content over, and over, they also create something radically new.

The old adage goes, “there’s a Simpsons quote for every situation”. A correlating frustration is felt by modern-day television creators, as encapsulated by an episode of South ParkSimpsons already did it”. Every conceivable plot line, complication, or bizarre happenstance has probably been featured on The Simpsons at some stage. The show has had many opportunities to use every idea: 671 episodes have aired over thirty-one seasons (not counting their two-year stint on the Tracy Ullman Show as animated shorts).

So much material has been covered in that time. In one episode, Homer becomes an astronaut, put on a mission…

Eating disorders are both common and potentially deadly. Yet, those with eating disorders have been neglected by successive governments when it comes to accessing care. Upcoming changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule should make private sector treatment more affordable, but experts have concerns about the quality and appropriateness of treatment under the scheme.

Important changes to the way eating disorders are treated in Australia are meant to be taking place on November 1. Trouble is, there are serious fears that the changes will mean that people with eating disorders will be treated by undertrained and inexperienced clinicians in the private sector, and that public care will remain inadequate.

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and Health Minister, Greg Hunt, issued a joint statement in December of 2018 recognising the huge impact of eating disorders in Australia, and committing to more affordable treatment for those with a diagnosis through changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

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People who ought to know better predict that Artificial Intelligence will control and threaten human life. Our lived experience will merge into the Singularity, an imagined point of no return. Encoded algorithms, the lines of instructions that ultimately tell computers which switches to turn off and on, will steal your job. Machines will be your driver as you sit as a passenger in both your vehicle and your life. As they go about their quotidian, pre-ordained missions, they will make quick, spontaneous decisions about your worth. …

Images of people doing yoga poses have basically become shorthand for a range of emotions and characteristics. These images evoke serenity, strength, attractiveness, and feminine energy. I’ve looked at a variety of advertisements/commercials which feature yoga poses in order to understand how the practice of yoga is coded in consumer culture.


What “yoga” means in our wider context is not necessarily how practitioners or the yoga community itself may want to define it. Whenever anyone who is exposed to consumer culture (i.e. everyone) comes into contact with yoga, they carry an enormous amount of baggage based on the images…

Maris is ostensibly behind the shower curtain

Frasier is one of the most enduring and entertaining live-action American sit-coms. The show is about a radio psychiatrist, Dr. Frasier Crane, who has moved to Seattle to be closer to his family (including his father, Martin a retired cop, and his brother, Niles who is also a psychiatrist). Episodes mostly deal with the relationships between and the love lives of the main characters. Although the show stopped airing around 15 years ago, I still watch episodes intermittently. Television channels around the world air repeats regularly and individual episodes can be streamed at any time from a range of services…

This is Part Five of a five-part guide on freelance writing. Check out the Introduction and find links to other parts here.


Writing is something you do in isolation. If you’ve ever read anything written by a committee, you know why. Stereotypically, writers are introverted people, so the isolation is no problem, right? Umm. Well, firstly, it’s entirely possible to be an extraverted writer (here’s a blog post about the challenges of being such a person). Secondly, even if you’re a misanthrope, complete isolation does wear most writers down at some point, to varying extents.

How to deal?

Change your…

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