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Collectible Card Games, Cryptocurrency and FootballCoin

Collectible Card Games have never been more popular. Neither has cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin as its flagship. But, what does this mean for the future? And how does FootballCoin respond to these devolopments.

Games using collectible cards have existed for decades. Their popularity has undergone an important resurgence in recent years. Magic the Gathering is in parts of the world the most popular card game being played. Games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! seem destined to be popular for many years to come.

FootballCoin is a project started in the cryptoworld that aims to bring together the world of collectible card games, fantasy sports and cryptocurrency. To try and narrow down the way its played, we can mention that it uses a system similar to football manager where teams are created using player cards and competitions organized using stadium cards. The game features its own cryptocurrency XFCCOIN, featuring in all aspects of the game.

Why are Collectible Card Games still so popular? And what can projects like FootballCoin do under these circumstances?

  • Prospect for developing the game

The model of these type of games is created in such a way that it allows modifications over time. Users are thus kept interested in the game over time. Similarly, FootballCoin is a game that has been updated since it’s beginning and takes note of the feedback provided by users and occasional need for change.

  • Different strategies and approaches are welcome

A common feature of the most successful games of this type is that it includes a larger playing field, where numerous strategies can be used to be successful. The main aim in FootballCoin will be to assemble a good team of players and win contests. Of course, strategy is important (such as choosing formation, the players picked etc.). There are, of course, other ways to go about playing the game: such as focusing mainly on trading player cards, investing in XFCCOIN, organizing contests etc.

  • Users are part of a larger community

Card games are fun because they allow users to socialize between themselves. They let you play against your friends or strangers and proving yourself in competitions against them. FootballCoin is also a game building a community. And it’s a game that allows you to challenge your friends. One can organize private contests (or enter competitions organized by the site). Winning a prize is much more satisfying if you can tell your friends. Even more so, if you can win it from them.

  • Taking the card games to the digital world

Recently,all the more popular collectible card games have extended their gameplay to digital devices. You’ll often see people on trains, in stores, on the street furiously tapping on their phone, engaged in some form of competition with others.

FootballCoin is a collectible card game that uses digital assets. The cards you collect (in the form of digital assets) are in your ownership forever. Or until you decide to sell them.

Where does this leave us gamers:

It does not look like cryptocurrency is going anywhere. In fact it’s becoming more popular and being embraced by a larger and more varied audience.

Collectible card games also seem to be destined to be discovered by each subsequent generation. Naturally a large part of their future is bound to be in the digital world.

FootballCoin makes use of these popular concepts. It also includes gameplay featuring Football, the world’s most popular all-around game. The game aims to create a platform that bridges the gap between these worlds.

If you want to check out the experience of playing a football card game that allows you to win prizes and further develop your knowledge of cryptocurrency, take a quick look here.





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