Xfermoney has introduced a referral program to expand its reach to the community and encouraging people to join their hands in building the future of remittance.

Objective of the referral program is to market the Xfermoney ICO and it’s offerings by passing the marketing benefits directly to the community members, who are participating in the ICO directly or Indirectly.

Referrer will receive their bonus in ETH, BTC or LTC as per the contribution made by their referee.

Referral Guidelines

What a Referrer and Referee will get in Xfermoney Referral program

  • Person(Referrer) who refers investors to contribute in Xfermoney ICO will receive 5% of the Amount(in ETH or BTC or LTC) as per the invested amount by their refree.
  • Contributor with referral will receive 15% extra XFM tokens on TOP of what is prevailing bonus on that day at Xfermoney website. Contributor will receive the referral Bonus tokens within 48hrs of the contribution made.
  • Referrer will receive their referral Bonus(in ETH, BTC or LTC) withing one week after the Crowdsale ends.

How to register

  • Both Referrer and Refree will need to regsiter for Xfermoney referral program at https://xfermoney.io/referral
  • Referral code — Email Id registered under referral program will be used as referral code.

Conditions for Referee

  • Register with a valid referral code(Registered email id of their referral)
  • Referral bonus is applicable with minimum contribution of 1 ETH or equal amount in BTC or LTC.

Conditions for referrer(Person who refers)

  • To become a successful referrer you should have contributed a minimum of .01 ETH to the Xfermoney Token Sale.
  • Minimum Referrer contribution should be made from the same registered ETH address as referral program.

For any queries — email at ico@xfermoney.io