Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

A lot of what your saying here just doesn’t resonate with me. There were a lot of nations on this earth that went through incredible trials and tribulations during WWI, WWII and the time in between.

And with respect to dividing up the Middle East into different countries, what exactly do you suggest? There are so many different tribal factions, not just in Syria but in Iraq, Iran, etc. Not every tribe gets its own country. And some of the logical divisions (e.g. Sunni vs Shia) are not geographically contiguous. So what would have been a better way to Nationalize that part of the world (It’s an earnest question, I don’t really know).

And saying Syria was ‘drawn’ into the conflict against Israel is excusing the decision they made as a country to participate in that conflict. They were part of the aggressors. They were the last ones to stop fighting. They are responsible and culpable for their actions and have nobody to blame but themselves for getting involved in that conflict.

I’m not saying that I don’t feel sorry for the Syrian people, but blaming their current situation on European Colonialism is weak, in my opinion. The Europeans don’t own the market on Imperialism, they just happened to have been the most successful at it recently.

Japan, China, Mongolia, the Ottomans, the SYRIANS (incarnate in the Umayyad Caliphate, who had an empire about the size of the Roman Empire) all had empires and imperial ambitions at some point in history. We conveniently forget or ignore these things because it is convenient to point the finger at European imperialism.

And look, I don’t deny that there was European imperialism, or that it was cruel, inhumane, etc. It was all those things, and it sucked for the Colonies, whether that be India or Syria.

But the point is that Syria was not unusual in being a mistreated colony. They weren’t even unusual in being a mistreated French colony. Add Morocco and Vietnam to what I believe is a long list.

So to put the blame on a car accident, or Israel, or ethnic tribalism, is really just offering excuses by identifying circumstances that in some cases are frivolous and even ridiculous (e.g. Israel) and in other cases hardly unique (e.g. tribalism, colonialism, etc).

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