Trump should thank the media like Uber should thank cabs

My main aim is to exemplify and discuss the concept of the say “There’s no bad press” that is made so obvious by two different phenomenons of our moment.

I’m an entrepreneur, I run a company called Blumpa and I live a huge challenge everyday: Getting noticed. The amount of information people deal with everyday from their social media, tv shows, job and news is so utterly massive that getting noticed is a privilege very few topics get. One of my main activities today I judge being getting notoriety and word of mouth of my business (incentivizing channels, marketing etc.). Of course there’s not much sense in getting noticed if your product sucks. But I’ll pretend we’ve already passed the sucking part and your product/service is better (or different in the obvious case of Drumpf) than any other option available, as is the case of Uber and Donald Trump (imagine this is a product that people pay with votes).

The point I wish to make here is that the causal relation is that first people that hate whatever it is start to talk about that specific thing, then they get noticed and then it become a main thing.

Uber’s marketing masterpiece is their enemies allied with an excellent execution and stubbornness (which is linked to their deep pockets). Apparently the number of races/app downloads/drivers interested had a seven fold increase for Uber in São Paulo immediately after the first riots began. Let’s take a look on how these strikes roll.

Cabs parade in Rio against Uber.

It’s almost like cabs (in a organized matter) beg for people to start using Uber for commuting: Imagine you ask why there are no cabs available on peak hours and someone tells you that cabs are busy protesting against Uber (Uber who? Yeah, that’s one download).

Now imagine it also goes on every media outlet, it leaves to the conclusion that: Cabs are stoping cities to promote Uber.

News on cabs parade
Trump’s escalade in vote intention.

Like Uber with cab companies, cabs syndicates etc. Donald Trump is demonized by a big chunk of the media and by externalizing this hate on air time the republican candidate only benefits. It’s so obvious, it’s undeniable. Just take a look at this graph. It’s from a Bloomblerg (he gave up of running cause he’s not willing to take the risk of a Trump’s Presidency) and it shows a big positive correlation between Trump being talked about on the media (usually cause he messed up by normal standards.) and vote intentions.

What one might conclude from this phenomenon is that if you don’t like or don’t support something you should first analise its size, depending on it, just shut up about it and it’ll slowly die with a very high probability.

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