Bye-bye Ethereum ERC20

01,February 2018 Panama, Panama City, Panama. XGold (XGC), the company that created a financial solution to purchase large or small Gold contracts in the Global Market place through a decentralized platform, today confirmed that it is completing the construction of its own platform and exchange system.

XGold has invested heavily in building out a platform and exchange. Asked why they are doing this, Dan Lazarus, CEO responded, “Let’s be clear here about the Ethereum Platform, “KiK” said it best, Ethereum is akin to the “dial-up” era, has poor scalability, and “gas” pricing prevents smooth transactions. I would go further and say, the price volatility means you can’t set your own price structures: when Ether goes up in cost, every product on the platform using an automated Smart Contract goes up in cost. It’s not user friendly, and in no way is it a benefit for society. We have made a simple solution for a stable, low cost, functional system: xChange.

The new platform and exchange will be located at “" and will incorporate a full Merchant Vendor / Membership Market place using a pure fixed-valued utility coin for all transactions called XBIT. The exchange will allow “paired / cross-currency” transactional exchanges with Fiat and Crypto: a one-stop shop.

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Gold backed, Stable, redeemable Crypto-Curency

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