Macau day tour

Saturday, I play with my aunt a visit Macau. I was on a bus tour of the scenery along the way Macau, Macau sea, so very beautiful scenery along the way, there are many people on the streets of Macau Portuguese, followed by the first stop because we are going to go to the — Macau Ruins.

Ruins of St. Paul is one of the hallmarks of Macau, it is actually the remains of the front wall of St. Paul’s Church. This close relationship between the church and the fire, now the only remaining prototype from the station to the front wall from its arch, has undergone three fires burning corps repeatedly by the Ruins, we witness living history.

The second station — Macau Rosary Church.

Holy Rosary Church Dominicans from the Philippines to reach the hospital by the Spanish friars in 1587 to build Macau shortly thereafter by the Portuguese administration believers, the church was dedicated to the Holy Rosary was built originally built with camphor, put on after today’s cast mortar solid brick, belongs to Portugal seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the East and the popular architectural style adopted.

The church has three Hall, the main hall is deep and wide, with a solid brick-built arches separating the main hall and church identity.

Ceiling covered with decorative patterns inside the church, which has a crown pattern, just just above the main altar, the door carving fine; church inside the colorful, different shapes of stained glass pattern combination, feel the bright people; on the altar Our Lady of Child hugs have set the statue, the church placed in the Fatima Madonna, Our Lady of Fátima May 13 trips per year that is this church as a starting point.

Macau government in 1997 the church conducted a comprehensive maintenance works and the establishment of a treasury of sacred objects in the three-storey bell tower, a collection of many works of art supplies and woodcarving style icon Mass treasures.

The third leg — the new road.

This is a new road, a new road is a very busy street in Macau, the center of it there is a beautiful fountain. Both sides of Commercial Street, where food and drink and everything, those of us greedy children, of course, a good fun here Wanla!wholesale nfl jerseys

Fourth Station — Venetian.

The hotel, super luxury, it is by the people of Venice built inside second and third floor of the artificial sky is characteristic Venetian. I was walking in there, have been attracted, because never seen such a hotel! …… Here is simply too luxurious, right? I still food for thought too!

Fifth Station — Giant remember souvenirs.

About to leave Macao, gotta bring something back to it. According to the custom here, to the field of play must ultimately is to give family or friends and relatives with hand letter. Souvenirs, in fact, is the local specialty nothing, but Guangdong and Sichuan saying just not the same. So, I came to Macau, the largest one “giant Hutchison hand the letter” to purchase things with your nfl jerseys

The row Macau let me linger through such a day, “hell and high water,” I also appreciate a lot. Although very tired, very hard (so I went back to bed and slept until dawn big), but I also think it was worth, after reading so much, I learned so much, so it is no regret it!wholesale nfl jerseys

One last word: Macau, is a good place!

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