Sketch Vs Photoshop — Popular Web Design Applications in 2015

As the demand of websites is growing all over the world, the designers are using the best tools in the technological world to design amazing websites. Among the tools, the two of the most popular tools preferred by many web designers are Sketch and Photoshop.

Now, which one you can use for stunning designs? Which is the better of the two? These are a few questions that designers encounter while choosing a tool. In this content we will try to figure out the same.

  • Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular raster graphics editors in the business. Adobe systems developed and published this tool. This was designed for Windows and OS X platforms. Thomas and John Knoll created this tool in the year 1988 and since then Photoshop has been quite successful among the people all round the globe.
  • Sketch: Adobe Photoshop has been ruling the world of web designs for quite some times now until Sketch came in. This tool was designed by the popular group Bohemian Coding. It is an award-winning Mac app for designers that support multiple pages and artboards. It is very easy to create complex shapes with state-of-the-art vector Boolean operations.

Now let’s find out which one is the better of the two. We will try to get the pros and cons of both the tools and that will help us decide the best.

  • Sketch is a best tool for web designers to create designs in vector which is not there in Photoshop. While designing, you can easily re-scale the objects and at the same time the quality remains intact. There is also this high point that art-board is pixel aware. There are few things that Sketch enables you to do such as snap to a pixel grid which is quite difficult in photoshop.
  • One thing that is quite difficult in Photoshop is snap-align of all the layers, but in the case of Sketch, you can easily snap-align of all the layers. Here in Sketch you can see the guides and spacing quite easily.
  • In Sketch grids are already built and that is why it is very easy to work in Sketch.
  • Creating multiple art-boards and viewing everything in the process makes Sketch better than Photoshop.
  • In photoshop it is very tough to get the fonts into the perfect alignment but in Sketch it is easy. Sketch uses a native font rendering.
  • It is so much easier to export in the Sketch which is a bit tough in Photoshop
  • One thing that makes Sketch much better than Photoshop is that Photoshop is loaded with so many stuffs that it is quite difficult to align the process while Sketch is built for web designing.
  • Color management in Sketch is not upto the mark like photoshop.

In the above context, it is clearly observed that photoshop has been in the veins of designers and it is quite old. Most of the time people do not like to change the tool that they are using for a long time. At the same time sketch is one such tool that is best for customization as everything is vector. So when we compare both, Sketch needs some more time to win over photoshop.