2016 11 19 Pacing and self adjusting when learning how to code.

Haven’t been “really” coding these few days on my mac. Not on FCC, not on codepen. I felt that a few days ago that 3–4 (can’t remember exactly how long) hours of coding was a bit too intense for me. One hour a day was perfect, everyday I felt that I still have 15% of energy saved. So I prepared a lot of questions for the next day session. That day I did lost the sense of time while doing my personal portfolio project. And got carried away.

However, what I did do was that during my free time, I will always watch/read something , (can be anything, really) about coding/html/css. I won’t code, but I will try to grasp all those new info which I can find in the video , make study cards and stick them into my thick notebook. Or I can go online google “how to set up a local environment for web development” or something like that. I’m a nerd, i like to tinkering around my macbook.

I just want myself to slowly but surely immerse into this “coding environment”. Until one day the 1st thing I think about in the morning is learning and practicing coding. At the same time, the pace is really important. I feel that I should stick to my “one day one hour” pace. And make that 1 hour really count. The other day after some practice and online problem solving, when I close my laptop, I had to let out this huge exhale I feel so exhausted about whatever task I was doing. So I turned on my pc and played witcher 3 (my favourite game) for a while. I think if everyday I can have this kind of feeling, then I’ve met my goal. It might be only an hour, but I am gonna make sure that I give it 100%. So after that I can feel good about it.