Second project ongoing. (N3rdfusion cloning project)

This is going pretty well. Better than I thought.

No more “scratching my head wonder where should I start. ”

No more “I fixed the header but the body looks funny now. ”

No more “I don’t care what code I just wrote down as long as it looks normal, I am a happy man.”

No more “I think I am gonna rework it 6,7 times in order to make the code presentable”.

This is the steps I took/things I learned when I was doing this project.

  1. Do a draft that list out all the content I need to include. Like this:

2) Stick to it and did one section at a time.

3) Realised that I have an option where I can focus on building the website 1st, worry about its responsiveness later (when I finished the whole page).

4) Learned that I can nest <section > inside <div> and later when adding background, add it to the parent <div> instead of <section> to make it looks clean. All the content is center aligned, but the background color/image is extended to the whole page.

5) Set up “universal css rules” that can be reused for different part of the page. Saved a couple of line. (Knew I need to keep the css file as small as possible)

6) Included Reset.css file to set a universal styling for different browsers.

7) All those reading I did (Pro HTML5 and CSS3 design pattern) actually worked. Need to go back to it after I finished this project.

8) Question: Still felt that the website I wrote is pretty basic. When open a website using chrome dev tools, I always see those huge class list… I have no idea what are those for.


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