The challenges we face when learning to code.

There are a lot of times where I know, for the X amount of hour that I am gonna code, I won’t be as efficient as I always were.

For X amount of reason, really, it could be work, or could be I had a rough day the day before, or I lost some sleep during the previous night.

But, the key here is to don’t mind all these days. Days that you sit in front of your monitor and you just don’t feel like concentrating.

Haruki Murakami said in his book what I talk about when I talk about running, in order to become an writer, you need to have the discipline to sit in front of your desk each day for X amount of hour, no matter whether you can write X amount of content. There are days that you simply sit there and not feeling to write at all, but you still do it. You do it as a routine. To make it almost like a muscle memory. To tell yourself: “welp, it’s that time of the day again. It’s time to write”. You sit there and endure all those hours, even though you might not achieve that much during all those hours.

So, at the end of the day it is about discipline, not the “feeling” that you have that day.


The biggest challenge I face when it comes to learning to code when working is that coming back to coding after some hiatus , not because you want a break, but because we all have responsibilities in life we need to deal with. The “picking up where you left off” is the hardest part.

I have been in the situation that I haven’t been coding for a month or two. And then have to pick up the book I was reading and revise a lot of the stuff I learned, because I almost forgot most of them. There is no way I can continue without some form of revision.


Then, there is this fear that you may never become a developer because of “X” (whatever reason you choose or made up to yourself).

Today I learned that the only way to conquer this fear, is to go out and asking for interview. Is to put it into action.

/-Personal Take-/

For me personally, despite the fact that coding is hard and challenging, despite that sometimes it makes your head hurt and you couldn’t figure out why, most of the time when I am coding, I am in peace, I am relaxed yet, concentrated, most importantly, I am in peace with myself.

So no matter what kind of person you are, what kind of life you are living, whether you planning to be a developer or not, if this is what you feel when you code, then you should do it.