TL, DR; In this post, I will introduce you our security study on voice assistant platforms (Amazon Echo and Google Home). This research reveals a set of attack scenarios for both platforms, along with several promising countermeasures to address those issues. For details, you can also see the research paper published on IEEE Security&Privacy 2019 (acceptance rate is 12%). The research has also won 3rd place in CSAW’19 Applied Research Competition (3 out of 80), which serves as a good recognition of both research and industrial values. In this post, you will learn:

  • What are voice assistant platforms?
  • Attack scenarios…

This article aims to present you our work on residential IP proxies and their security issues. A paper for our work has been accepted by IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2019, the premier conference for computer security research. You can find more technical details from our research paper.

Web proxies are commonly used to serve various purposes such as identity anonymization, and accessing digital content only available in limited countries. However, traditional web proxies such as VPN, and newly emerging ones such as Tor network, all suffer from a common limitation: their IP addresses are known to be non-residential…

XiangHang Mi

I am a security researcher studying security problems in web, network and IoT. Please refer to my homepage for details:

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