“Design & Culture”

Learning diary 4

This lecture is about innovation in the industry. Surprisingly, I heard the red star design award in China during the lecture. It is kind of key design competition in China. Many student groups, design agencies and manufacturing firms will take part in that. But the question is that people nowadays are used to design just for the award instead of design for the real innovation for society or people. In that way, all these awards become meaningless.

Company can invest money to hold this kind of design competition to collect inspirations or even great solutions from all the youthful faces. And young people will also take it as a good opportunity to practice their design skills or maybe collaborate with real industry. It seems that competition-orinted design have lots of benefits. However, as far as I know, in order to get the good prize, students may not think seriously about the design work. They probably will have a deep research about the former winner’s projects and try to find some “laws” from that. They may check the judges trying to find some connections that can be took advantage.

In a word, I think product design education should teach student how to make a real product through hands-on ability, not focus on competition-driven activities. And it will be much more meaningful if the competitions are closely related to the real industry.

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