I’m fortunate to have kicked off my product design career at Frog and Marqeta, the former a design agency and the latter a FinTech startup. While both of them are fantastic places, there are a few differences that I’d like to provide to those who are just starting their design careers like me.

Organizational structures

These two diagrams show differences between the two’s organizational structure.

Organizational structure at Marqeta

For many people, 2020 hasn’t been exactly a fantastic year, especially new university graduates facing the challenge of job-hunting. For entry-level digital product designers like me, an outstanding portfolio website is even more important. Treating my portfolio as a piece of product design in its own, I’ve decided to adopt an iterative, data-driven approach with the goal to maximize my chances in front of design recruiters.

I’ve designed 3 versions of portfolio to finally get my internship offer

I specifically adopted marketing’s AIDA model (Aware — Interest — Desire — Act) to qualify the imaginary recruiter’s funnel:

  1. Aware — Recruiter is aware that I’m a candidate with potential;
  2. Interest — Recruiter is…

Xiangqi Liu

A designer at Google

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