201607 Tour de Hokkaido event

I will plan a event that Tour de hokkaido with 9 days. The whole route course is almost 1300KM, and has 7 sections, the average distance if section is almost 200KM. the below is the whole map, what’s cool design!

UPDATE( the final version route map)

Final version


I don’t plan to stay in Hotel, since we will go to Hokkaido, why not stay in outdoor and take a wild lifestyle? so I plan to stay in tent and sleep bag in the night.


I think this is the most important thing in this journey. think if one person take 200KM one day without hight power&energy, he will definitely failed! but I think it’s not a problem in Japan, there are many 7–11コンビニ! I can find a lot beside my route course.

Hot Spring

and I also collect a list for famous hot sprint spot, gorgeous, right? and then, take your courage to come with me!



7/16 12:30–14:05 Haneda -> New Chitose
7/24 13:15–14:55 New Chitose -> Haneda

let us take a glance to my course:

Section 1 Distance 216.7KM

Section 2 Distance 182.3KM

Section 3 Distance 206.5KM

Section 4 Distance 209.9KM

Section 5 Distance 139.2KM

Section 6 Distance 200.9KM

Section 7 Distance 145.9KM

That’s ALL! after we split the whole route into 7 sections, you can find out that actually it’s not so hard to finish.

For example, if you take a 20KM/H speed, you just need 10 hours one day to finish this. and how to use this 10 hours, start at 7:00, then you can take a one hour lunch from 12:00~13:00; then from 13:00 you can ride to 18:00. you can start sleep from 21(/2):00, if that, you can sleep 9/10 hours to recovery your power.

I will keep update the detail of this event.

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