Personal Portfolio Generator

In my second pull request, I choose the portfolio generator to work it on. This project is very interesting because it can help people to create their own portfolio with using this tool.

First, I found it maybe a challenge for me because this project using the C#.NET technology, I never learn it before. It cause my a hour to read the code and understand the logical of the code. For make a contribution for this project I decide to add a “YAML” file to store the user information which help non-technique background people to use it for generate a nice personal portfolio.


Pull Request:

My basic idea was inspired by best-resume-ever project but that project is written by the Vue.js. whatever, I can use their idea for create a yaml file to store the user basic information into this project.

For what I did in this pull request is I install a yml library to c# and then C# parse the yaml file data and render the user personal data to HTML.

the YAML file can be read and I print it in the console.