Secure Camera

The Fall semester is gone as a half, and only 6 weeks left. In the first half semester I had learn how to using the git tool to track my code process going. I found git is powerful version control tool that monitor my each step change the code.

New Project — Secure Camera

Secure Camera is a home security system that combine psychical camera which connect to the Raspberry Pi, and the software to show the video or image on the web browser. The camera user can monitor their home by login in to the Secure Camera system.

When any object in the video is moving the camera can catch the picture and save it into the database.

In this project, I works with my friend Garrik. This project right now is just the demo version so there are a lot of feature that I can add it on.

I want to add to a login function into the project so the user can create a user name and password, and use it to login into the the system.