The Baltic States Keep Buying Unreliable German Rifles
War Is Boring

The whole scandal around the G36 is in my view mainly political.

The G36 is not a bad rifle. But it was bought for a conscript army, so compromises needed to be made. Now that we (germany) stopped conscription, the mod wanted to buy a more expensive rifle for our fewer, but professional troops.

So you cant just go to parliament and say that you want to throw away the rifle you just bought 10 years ago and buy a new one for millions of euro unless the minister wants a lot of bad press. you need a reason. Now they have their reason.

Sure the G36 is not perfect, but even german soldiers had only positive things to say about it. I have never read, out side of the Spiegel article, anything bad from soldier. More like the opposite.

Btw French police also bought the G36 from germany.

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