Building a open source personal knowledge base
Bryan Haakman

There are 3things I think important (ordered by importance).

  1. How to get alert of new/relevant/hot knowledge point alert
  2. How to prune old kb.
  3. How to keep kb update

We can attach lastAccessedDate to every kb, then prune it with a timed interval (say 6 month or a year). I think keep stale kb is not useful. Probably can archive it if you really don’t want to lose anything. But I think if you don’t access (view or update) something in 6 month, you might as well relearn it.

Keep kb update probably can be done with a reminder and or a small randomly picked daily challenge or some sort.

#1 is the most critical one. I personally struggle with it. I would like to have some automatic scanning tool, with the category I selected, technology, science, space, medicine and probably need to specify sub topics, say machine learning, cancer research etc, if I can receive weekly update on new fields I need to learn that will be terrific.

Thanks for making it open source!

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