Build a Create-React-App (ejected) for staging

Xiaoli Shen

In my work, there are environment variables predefined by the DevOps team which must obey certain company-wide rules. The implication: no custom prefixes, such as theREACT_APP_ , are allowed as a part of environment variable names.

The particular use case this time is to get my client app go through the CI build process havingNODE_ENV=staging, so that our business users can see a visual marker of “staging” when testing and rest assured that their test operations won’t mess up the real data.

This made me revisit the way of passing environment variables to the build process since my client app was scaffolded with the Create React App. As it turns out, there are three hurdles to cross if you want to build a CRA with a NODE_ENV other than “development” and “production”.

1. Pass Through the Real NODE_ENV to the build process

According to the official documentation, NODE_ENV is ready to be consumed during build time. However, it took me some digging to find out why our DevOps’ NODE_ENV=staging kept ending up as production in the built app:

Create React App’s build script has a line hard coded NODE_ENV = 'production'.

Have to paste a screenshot since Medium still doesn’t embed Github code links…

Since I’ve already ejected because I needed to tweak other Webpack settings, I went on to change this:

2. Change the webpack config to allow for an optimized build for staging

CRA build script uses the webpack config defined in config/ Since it does not expect a NODE_ENV other than “production” here, it throws an error if it sees one. So this is where I also need to change to squeeze the “staging” in:

3. Pass through the NODE_ENV to the react app

CRA injects the hard-codedNODE_ENV (in and, and any other environment variables starting with REACT_APP_ into the react application, so that they can be accessed in JavaScript using process.env. , just like in a Node app.

However, any other variables in the environment, including the real NODE_ENV , are stripped off from this process.env .

The quick and dirty remedy is to cheat. This is how I sneaked NODE_ENV in the testing regex (sorry):

Actually, the particular use case “to support staging build” has already been discussed in the CRA github repo. However, two years later it still remains a “issue: proposal”, so people with the same issue have to come up with their own remedy.

Fortunately, CRA is extremely well documented. Whether you just want to do a quick hack or find a proper way to tweak something elegantly, it is open to all possibilities.

Xiaoli Shen

Written by

Techi-gypsi. React, Node, Swift, Golang.

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