Love at 51st year

In Chinese Lunar calendar, the 7th day of July is the day when Owherd and Weaver girl every year. In that ancient sad legend, the couple couldn’t stay together for their rest of life except 7th of July, so this lovers’ reunion day became Chinese Valentine’s Day.

That’s what I imagined as a little girl what is true love like. Albeit it may not have that sad ending, but it need to be intense, some times even dramatic. Not until today, I met this couple, Lin and Chen, I still couldn’t draw a vivid picture of this kind of true love, deep inside the heart, like a habit. There is no dramatic scenes you can meet in movies, but through their smile, you really can tell that they do have a very happy life.

Lin and Chen met in 1966, introduced by their parents and friends. They were too shy to describe it as love as first sight but sure it was. They soon got married in the following year. They didn’t have a wedding because they couldn’t afford it. So they brought a bunch of sweet candies and share with families and friends and start their life.

Lin worked in a paper factory while Chen worked in an electricity factory in Changle, Fujian, a small town in China. They didn’t make a lot of money but they were very satisfied with their life and very grateful for what they had, two happy and healthy sons.

After their sons settled in New York , they came here to help their sons take care of grand daughters and sons. In a completely unfamiliar environment, hardly speaking English, taking care of minor children was not easy. But what they can only remind today was that thanks to those times, their grand daughters and sons are very intimate with them, and willing to share their lives with them.

Later in 2003, after sending their grandchildren to middle school, one day, Lin read an article about an outstanding woman who contribute her whole life to her children and community, working as a manager in a senior center, he was really impressed by what she did. So, together with Chen, they started volunteer at that senior center, help deliver lunch to seniors.

When they were not working, Chen would take dance and sing class in senior center, while Lin prefer reading newspaper, and watching his wife singing.

Did they have conflicts? The answers definitely is yes. Chen said, what is really important is both of us would be willing to talk about anything or conflicts to figure out a way. At the beginning, Lin was a kind of “big husband” and was not used to express his thoughts and feelings. He said, “but as I knew that would make her angry, I started to try talk about my feeling, and turns out it works.”

In the Chinese Valentine’s Day morning, Chen said she would make chinese dumplings for her husband, because that means to be with him forever and ever.

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