Payoff Your Home Mortgage Using Life Insurance Money. What a Great Idea!

Did you know you can pay off your home mortgage in 30 years or less using life insurance money? Using life insurance money for dual purposes.

With an extra monthly payment of $380 starting at age 36 for example, by the time you reach age 65 you would have built $222,000 in cash value and a death benefit of $250,000. This is one example using flexible premium adjustable life insurance at a fixed interest rate of 4.40%.

Using $222,000 to payoff your home you will be debt free when you retire at age 65. You still have a death benefit of $250,000.

For more details contact me at 702–582–5788 for my business partner information to walk you through the numbers over coffee.

Many thanks to Luzette Pressley and Randy Kelley at Western-Southern Life Assurance Company for offering this brilliant idea which not only protect families but also remove debt to help people move towards retirement faster!

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