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Phoebe Su
Phoebe Su
Oct 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Today’s story is about audience engagement.

Long time ago… Ok let’s cut it short, how do you make your audience more involved in an event? Give them candy? Send them gift? Or yell at them watch the stage, laugh more!

Ok apparently this is not the good way for it. Event is this weird thing, which you hosted to amaze your audience but only the stage guy got the loud mic can share their ideas freely. Audience could sit and take some photos. How could we give more power to audience and let them truly feel involved?

I’ve been an event planner for several years, this is one of the question that I always ask myself. Today I want to talk about an audience interactive technology solution here Picpic Live.

LIVE POLL: Let audience decide result.

We have seen X factor, American idol, where results are all decided by judges. We believe in judges proficiency, but to be honest, if a star is going to win people’s heart, the decision is made by every non privileged audience, so why not give audience more saying. So my suggestion do a live poll, hear everyone’s voice, see the result right away on the screen.

Live Poll Screen

Audience ===== bridge ===== Stage:

Instead of trying to imagine what audience like, we really need to hear what audience are thinking. With live chat room, audience can express their ideas, event host could pick the best ideas out and posted on to the screen so that everyone could see. With this tech solution, a bridge is built between audience and stage, feedback are collected. Audience are fully involved, and feel appreciated.

Post On Screen

Dreamy way of find the lucky audience:

What is the most exciting part of an event for the audience? No doubt, a lucky draw! How do you pick the lucky one? You are not still using raffle tickets, aren’t you? This is how technology handles the engagement.

Lucky draw Screen

Audience can input their information and their wish onto a lucky lantern, the lantern flies high into the screen. They would blink and the lucky lantern would jump out and reveal itself. Then, we got the lucky audience, isn’t that dreamy?


Photo by Choi Hochit on Unsplash

Remember the glow stick light effect like Talor Swift concert, where you could control each every glow stick colour and blink frequency? Plastic is not environmental friendly, and expensive. So I use “CONTROLABLE PHONE GLOW STICK” where Audience phone screen colour would be the same as what you decide, and blink with same frequency. No plastic, just phone.

Video Demo for Phone Glow Stick

Interaction is the key factor for making audience involved. So let’s use it well.

Check if this technology help’s you.

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