The construction costs for Container House

The construction costs for Container House is always fixed in advance of construction. Most modular dealers and manufacturers offer guaranteed prices for long periods of time, even in a market of moderately rising material and labor costs. To secure this price lock, the customer needs to authorize their home to be built, sign-off on all plans and specifications, and have their order accepted by the manufacturer. This process greatly reduces the possibility of cost miscalculations and overruns later.

The home uses natural, sustainable materials for a high-end feel and a minimal footprint. The skeleton is made of solid FSC wood, which carries into the home’s interior, and solar panels are integrated into the roof.

The treehouse-inspired Tower House by New York based architectural studio GLUCK+ is a unique weekend property, which takes the idea of living in the trees to an entirely new level. Located in upstate New York, the single-family home stretches over four levels and takes on the appearance of a small urban skyscraper. The slick structure is almost out of place amidst its natural forest landscape, however its glass facade does offer its occupants a great advantage point from which to enjoy treetop living.

Earlier this year, the Tower House was the recipient of the Architecture Merit Award at the 2013 AIA New York Design Awards and taking a closer look at the project, it’s not hard to see why.

The home features a vertical tower which sits on a small base footprint of approximately 40 sq m (430 sq ft), as to ensure little impact on the site. The fourth floor rests horizontally on top of the tower and nine meters (30 ft) off the ground. Two supporting beams positioned in a V-shape from the ground up help support the structure, which otherwise seems to balance in the air.

The first three floors each comprise of a north-facing small bedroom and compact bathroom. The tower’s central staircase zig-zags its way up to the top floor, which features a large open living space, hidden kitchen, meals area and impressive views across the surrounding forest canopy. And if that wasn’t enough, the living space extends upwards again to an outdoor rooftop deck.

With modular, off-site construction, your home is built in a climate-controlled environment safe from weather, theft, and vandalism. Our expert craftsman also utilize modern technology to build your home stronger than traditional site built housing. The modular building process also enables us to complete your project in just over half the time of site built construction. We invite you to visit our partners production facilities to see for yourself how incredible this building process is.

Modular homes cost less to build. Modular home builders purchase supplies in bulk and can build multiple parts of the Granny House at the same time. This reduces the cost of building which is transferred to the customer. The reduced cost allows people to purchase more square footage for the same money they may have spent on a site-built home.

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