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The concept of Container Houses server might be a tough sell when you’re looking at relatively bulky, unappealing systems with price tags in the $500–700 range. The new wave of Atom-powered home servers promises to change that, however.

It just seems to be a lame way of riding the Atom bandwagon. How can a chip that is only just capable of handling a netbook be any kind of server? It would be better to load up with Pentium dual cores or better still X2’s which would be available at a fractionally higher cost and exponentially increase the functionality.

Most people using the atom home server for even the uses that an average student has these days would end up cooking while waiting for the atom to “serve up”. LOL

This property is a 3 bedroom detached house located on a full sized plot with space for the addition of an Optional Garage and Domestic Quarters. This property is located in Katamanso, a fast-growing community of residential properties in the Greater Accra Region. It is located 5min drive of the Adenta -Amrahia road and also among the closet and newest developing places in Accra. The spacious Living/Dining room opens onto the front terrace. A separate multi-purposed area caters for family living. The large Kitchen includes a pantry and provides access to the back yard service area.

Full sized bedrooms are well ventilated and have built-in wardrobes. The master bedroom has its own private en-suite bat. This property comes unfurnished with facilities like bedroom wardrobes, kitchen cabinet, sanitary wares, burglar proofs, etc. This property has ample space for landscape and garden areas built-in wardrobes in all bedrooms. The 3rd Bedroom extension includes master bath Suite with full sized bathtub.

Upon completion, a final invoice will be sent to you along with a Statement of Account which will indicate the amount of final payment. The final invoice will include total cost of house and documentation fee (cost of preparation of title of deed, site, plan and other relevant documents covering the ownership of the property.) Keys will be released only when the outstanding payments have been paid in full and all documents have been executed.

One thing that should be noted for all beginner bike-travellers, is the reality of towing a 100-pound trailer. Gear Junky rightfully bursts the bubble of the camper’s functionality by reminding us that this much weight is a lot to tow around without some sort of electric-assistance bike. In fact, the Wide Path may be best suited for towing behind a small vehicle. Nontheless, it’s a way more manageable tow than a standard-sized airstream, or really most other trailers on the market. It even permits storage for up to 300 pounds of equipment.

The only downside to this scenario is you’re missing out on the immersive travel experience of long-distance bicycling, which lets you fully take in your surroundings and explore cities without the burden of traffic. All in all, it seems that the Wide Path is best suited for the Ferris Bueller-type, who disregard the stress of the ticking clock under the mantra that “life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.”

Certain fees such as Electricity Meter Fee and Water Meter Connection fees are not included in the final invoice. You will be expected to make Granny House arrangements for payment in respect of these.

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