An introduction to Airbnb’s knowledge graph, which helps us categorize our inventory and deliver useful travel context to our users.

By Xiaoya Wei and Yizheng Liao

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A riverfront, all-bamboo house on Airbnb in Bali.

Imagine you are planning a trip to Los Angeles. The first step is to visit Airbnb.com and search for “Los Angeles.” On the backend, the query “Los Angeles” is translated into a block on the map; available Homes within this block are returned in many pages of search results. Is that enough for you to make your trip plan?

As Airbnb moves towards becoming an end-to-end travel platform, it is increasingly important for us to deliver travel insights that help people decide when to travel, where to go, and what to do on their trips. For example, what are the most popular landmarks and neighborhoods in LA? Are there any upcoming concerts or sport events that might coincide with my trip? Which Airbnb listings are best for families? What is the most affordable time of year to visit L.A.? …

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