Enterprise .NET Development By Xicom

A vibrant and sterling platform for web development

One of the leading web application development frameworks is the ASP .NET that allows the programmers to build the dynamic websites and related applications. Microsoft is the one who developed and launched it. In this contemporary IT world, where there is a tough competition, millions of .NET developers are working on the platform of ASP .Net. Moreover, there are a significant amount of web development companies also that are opting their working platform as ASP .Net to meet their personal and professional needs.

Even it can be easily seen that when it comes to access a website, be it with the intranet or over the internet, .Net websites are used. Range starting from hosting server to applications that are widely used for designing the webpage and there could be other possible thousands of combinations as well. To all of them, ASP .Net is the only solution. You must be also aware of the fact that it is highly mandatory to choose a combination which can leverage the high performance, great appearance, security and ease of use. All such benefits can be availed from .Net only. So, if you are also willing to have a website that can benefit you will all such benefits, then contact a reputable ASP.NET Development Company.

A few features of ASP .Net:

There are a few features through which you can bag enormous advantages. These have been rolled down as follows:

  • Common Type System:

This is also well-known as CTS that defines the entire rules associate with data types that are mandatory for languages to follow. As programs that are written in any language are converted to MSIL, similarly data types in all the languages must be transformed to a specific standard data types. CTS is also an elementary part of cross-language integration that allows the classes to be employed and elaborated by some other language.

ASP.NET Framework
  • Code Contracts:

This allows the user to avow facts about the code just like you are writing a unit test. However, it is noteworthy that all these assertions sustain within your production code and also they are evaluated by the compiler along with the runtime.

  • Mobile Applications:

.Net allows to develop web pages that are compatible with various mobile devices including PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and Cell phones as well. Although, .Net support multi-languages as well.

Leverages of working with ASP .Net:

  • Being a sponsorship of Microsoft technologies, a programmer can rely on its quality and services offered by it. Additionally, while encountering an issue, support from Microsoft can be availed.
  • Smoother integration with database renders ensures efficient and quality development. You will be happy to know that it can also be used for advanced as well as basic development along with dynamic and vibrant web designing.
  • Programmers get freedom of writing the ASP .Net code in any of the framework just because of its advantage of Common Language Runtime.
  • This platform is also highly compatible with all the Microsoft products. Active Server Page becomes an automatic choice, if the organization is using Microsoft products.

Thus, by having a thorough look to the features and the leverages provided by ASP .NET, you may have realized its importance. So, if you are also willing to enjoy such benefits, Hire ASP.NET Developers to acquire high quality and efficient website.