Yii framework Development

How Yii Framework Gives Your Business an Edge

Among the many open source frameworks available in the market, Yii Framework development has been rising with an overwhelming consistency. There is a unique extravagance to the numerous benefits it offers to the webmasters. Even though there is a different style to coding, but it’s simple, effective and saves a lot of time. If you wish to avail its benefits, Hire Yii developers with extensive knowledge and experience on this framework.

Let’s read further about the benefits of Yii framework:

  • Yii framework facilitates automation of great many aspects of different modules, which leads to cutbacks in time and money. The Gii module is the most resourceful module when we talk of automation in the framework methods.
  • Easy coding also ensures you save a lot of development time. The framework does not rely on heavy coding in the first place.
  • Yii framework makes way for creating solutions that can be easily scaled or extended. There is no doubt over the robustness of the website which is loaded with premium features.
  • When we mention the performance parameters, Yeii outlasts the other PHP frameworks. One of the reasons for the same is the use of PHP extension APC.
Yii Framework
  • Easy access to API’s is ensured. It is a world driven by social media, and businesses are not immune to this revolution. Online marketing has been making giant strides upwards and to leverage the same, Yii gives you access to APIs, using which you can expand your business across new verticals. Mouth-to-mouth marketing on social media means group to group marketing on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Yeii framework has all the components to assist you with making your website compatible with plugins or social media modules.
  • Yeii has high compatibility levels with the third party code. If you wish to use code from PEAR, or for that matter from Zend, Yii framework is more than welcoming.
  • PHP has customarily enjoyed a lot of support from developer communities, and a portion of it pours onto the Yeii Framework. Apart from being assisted by various experts, you can also leverage your proficiency to help out others who are seeking help with Yeii framework on the same communities.
  • The caching features that YII framework development offers are unmatchable, hands down. It makes available a multitude of cache components that have the provision of storing cached data in diverse media. Some of the most robust and efficient caching systems it supports include memcache, APC, and XCache among others. Also, there is a support for Database query caching which goes a long way in making certain you are not always depending on database for caching. This further facilitates decoupling of databases.
  • Security has always been a huge concern on the internet, and that is where Yeii comes to the rescue. Not that the other PHP frameworks do not ensure safety of data and websites, but Yeii escalates the assurance that your website is safer with the help of procedures like Cross-site Scripting Prevention, Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention and Cookie Attack Prevention. These are top of the line methods to mitigate the risks of intrusion. You also have validation process at the client as well as the server side.

Yii has held its ground amazingly well despite such a stiff competition from the other PHP and non-PHP frameworks.