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PhpStorm 7 launched: Rendering lots of leverages and incredible support for PHP 5.5

PhpStorm 7 is a new major release

PhpStorm 7 is a new major release of JetBrains, that is bequeathing a plethora of advantaged with its incredible support for all types of new stuff that includes Zend 2, TypeScript, Vagrant, Web component, Drupal and it also allows easy debugging as well. PhpStorm 7 is still in touch with contemporary web languages and PHP trends. Moreover, it also envelopes an array of modern tools that brings up more extensibility along with support for all major PHP frameworks.

What PhpStorm 7 has brought for you?


PhpStorm 7 has emerged with a brand new and outstanding web toolkit. So, you can enjoy with following leverages:

  • Excellent support for modern stylesheet Compass and Stylus.
  • Major and tailored Live Edit feature and JavaScript debugging.
  • An assorted package of JavaScript templates (EJS, Handlebars, Mustache) and also Web Components support too.
  • Node.js and Javascript: Integrated node package npm, the Istanbul code coverage engine and also JavaScript Karma tester.

This version of PhpStorm, that is, version 7 is engraved with a variety of features and various other improvements from the elementary IntelliJ platform which is developed by JetBrains and it also embraces database and SQL improvements, GitHub pull requests, full screen view and presentation compatible with all the platforms and many more.

PhpStorm 7 overwhelming PhpStorm 6:

All new features in PhpStorm 7 will aid you with unit testing and debugging. The reason being is that Debugger Configuration Validation authenticates the configuration of Zend debugger and Xdebug and intimates the user about the missing things. It also convey about the fixing process of that missing element. Just use this leverage and notice the difference that how smartly you can save your time with such a configuration. There are many more leverages that you would like to know, if so, just have a look on the following:

  • Plug-ins and frameworks:

PhpStorm bundles a range of Drupal plugins along with Drupal-specific features only meant for Drupal 6 and 7 and some are there that works for Drupal 8 as well. All frameworks and plug-ins of PhpStorm enables Drupal integration in an existing project of PhpStorm or it develops a new Drupal module. It also develop environment with auto configuration of file associations, coding standards and many more.

  • Built-in tools:

Built-in support for Drupal, 3rd party plug-ins for Symphony and there a few frameworks that have been updated with this release. Moreover, an excellent assortment of tools is also available that envelopes support for more command tools, local terminal, remote tools, SSH console, Google App Engine for PHP Development and there are a lot more.

  • Amazing debugging and testing:

PhpStock has allowed performing debugging and testing in a facile manner. With the support of Smart Step Into, PHPUnit and debugger configuration validation, you can easily perform debugging.

  • Perfect PHP language support:

PhpStorm 7 has introduced improved PHP syntax coloring for a range of type interface, constructs, PHPDoc improvements, new inspections, new factorings and also quick-fixes. This also helps in efficient code reading. Different color combinations for codes are used. In a single line, it can be stated as, all elements such as function calls, instance and static method calls, static and instance class fields, classes and interfaces, are coded with different colors. If you are willing to get an improved coloring combination, use Darcula, a dark UI which will enhance the complete appearance.

  • IDE Improvements:

PhpStorm 7 has strengthened its integration with GitHub as it allows GitHub users to make the pull requests that originates directly from IDE. The new Presentation mode, IDE is offering an opportunity to initiate a demonstration of your entire code and its coding process just with a single click. This feature is catering a lot of benefits for trainings, conferences and classrooms as well.

PhpStorm is also available for Windows, OSX and Linux as well. You can get more updates about PhpStorm 7 and its amazing leverages by making a thorough search on the internet. There are a lot more that you can know about PhpStorm 7 as it is providing a range of amazing facts and its features. PHP Developers get a good chance to adopt this development environment.

About Author:

Celin is Technical Writer and PHP Developer having expertise in PHP Development and Outsourcing handle major project with using all concept of PHP.