Benefits of AR apps in ecommerce web development for high ROI

Ecommerce web development is gaining quite a great demand in the market. But, ecommerce is always faced with strict competition in the industry, so the retailers need to think about marketing and promotional activities. One of the best promotional activity is none other than an app that is built with some features and functionalities meant to impress the users of the app and entice them so that they can buy the products from the app after the engagement level of the users with the app increases to a very high level. Ecommerce development has led the industry to gain more customers with the help of apps that stand out from the crowd.

It has been noted that apps that have AR features are more likely to attract the app users as they will be more attracted to the features of the app and there are apps that help try on clothes, accessories and even shoes! What else than a user of the app and the potential customer would want from the app?

A customer would never want to waste his money without checking on the clothes and footwear on the app. Ecommerce development has helped make the life of the smartphone AR app users easier. These apps help the people to boost the business by giving apps to their customers that are able to win the hearts of them.

What is Augmented Reality and how it is integrated into ecommerce?

● What is Augmented Reality technology?

Augmented Reality is a technology that combines digital data and real-life images successfully, to exchange digital information and animation in a physical space and bring new experiences to users.

The introduction of increased reality will certainly change some of the Internet age domains. Unlike the approximate VR (virtual reality), it does not require hardware, but is based largely on most users such as smartphones and tablets. It is the best thing about AR as compared to VR apps that require some kind of accessories for sure.

● Augmented Reality in Ecommerce Development:

There is no industry untouched that has not got AR apps with some really revolutionary features and functionalities. These apps are really liked by the customers and app users as they need interesting features on the app as well shop products online for best choices.

Therefore, whether it’s ecommerce web development for the websites and mobile app development using AR technologies, it is always great to utilise this. Whether it’s healthcare, oil and gas, tourism, marketing and online retail, AR technology has delved deep into these very well. It helps to create interest of the people into things and topics that were earlier not very potential of the success.

● Why hire ecommerce development company for AR app?

A professional ecommerce company or an expert team can help in your e-commerce to implement the Augmented Reality. The use of AR technology in everyday life is almost inevitable, as it is considered as a technology that changes consumer experiences between livelihoods. Additional facts of AR are that more than $ 17 billion in 2016 will be invested in advanced technology development.

● Augmented Reality and eCommerce development:

The shocking thing is that online shopping conversion rates are still between 2% and 4% despite the growth in online shopping trends. Conversely, saving the conversion rate would be 20–40% worried about US $ 3.9 trillion equivalent only in the United States.

Increased use of Augmented Reality in ecommerce development.

Given that Amazon and Walmart are two of the major brands in the world, Amazon is due to higher than its peers recently in value, it is clear that it won the retail game. Amazon, which is the world’s online retailer for the last 20 years, Wal-Mart, because of a little slow addition, they have a small market share in online retail. Obviously, with the continuous development of the Internet, more and more people are starting to make their online shopping more comfortable.

Why pay attention to the advantages of AR in ecommerce development?

It is a serious mistake to ignore the benefits that an increased reality is in e-commerce by witnessing the impact of Internet on shopping. Online merchants are trying to increase the conversion rate and increase revenue, and we can not underestimate the benefits of added reality. Increased reality offers customers the opportunity to offer interactive shopping experiences by offering companies the opportunity to try practically all the products they want to buy.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in eCommerce web development:

● Variety of products:

Most buyers are looking for many options and options before buying. In AR you can experience this comfortable home. Increased reality can be used to explore colors, patterns, patterns.

● Attract Customer Experience:

An increased reality gives customers who usually sell online on a regular basis the ability to display objects in the same way as they work together with the stores in the same way that they work together in the stores. This allows the customer to better understand the product and know how it is fits. According to reports, 61% of online stores prefer to buy websites that add to reality.

● Trial and testing of the products virtually:

Today, most online stores offer video tutorials for different products so that buyers understand the product. Through Augmented reality, they can explore their potential and interact with products. Under normal conditions before the average online sellers to shop online for about 2 minutes, spent AR experience is growing and user-engagement level is also growing.

● Real products are added to the virtual market:

Amazon, IKEA, Alibaba and eBay and other top brands as a result of sales, their activities began to integrate the Augmented reality technology. For example, when IKEA started AR, more than 8.8 million people downloaded their app.


From experience and customer satisfaction, the Augmented Reality of ecommerce development can increase your sales, lead to higher conversion rates and earnings, you will get a lot of benefits from the use of AR in business app development, it’s an essential technology. In the field of e-commerce web development, we must continue to look for innovative ways to interact with customers and Augmented reality technology provides innovative technology.