Custom CMS vs WordPress vs CaaS: Which is Right for You?

If you want to develop custom content management system then there are many choices but custom .Net development is a popular choice as this Microsoft platform is widely used and accepted. If you have to choose content management system then it can be confusing. At the core, every customer has similar yet different requirements and every CMS provider, open source project and company is trying to sell one single solution that can meet all of them. But the reality is no one size fits all. Every project, every customer and every desired outcome is different. This means each of the client should be matched to the proper solution based on their needs. Therefore custom solutions are preferred. But custom CMS solutions are not for everyone. Finally, we primarily see clients falling into one of the three different categories when it comes to content management.

Custom Software

WordPress or Any other Readymade Solution


In this article, we will discuss about these three categories and will see the pros and cons of each as well as which one makes the most sense for which application.

Custom CMS and Custom Developed Software

Custom CMS software represents a large potion of our overall business but it is not for everyone. Custom CMS installation are right when the benefits of having custom workflows is worth the expense of developing the solution. The happens in companies with a high level of custom functionality that is not achievable with readymade software.

If you have chosen .Net development for your customized software then you should use .NET MVC Development as it offers many benefits. Custom solutions are not necessarily focus at any one industry but rather they aim at solving problems for their owners. Most of the applications that end up as custom projects are from one of these following sub-categories:-

Digitally Focused Publishing

Online publishers can gain from custom CMS solutions that allow them to operate a single screen solution for their content creation and distribution teams.

Actually the business of publishing content is complex and the methodology of distributing is even more. Custom solutions allow publishers to integrate all of these needs into a single platform which allows flexibility.


You may require .NET Developer if you want to develop your SaaS software based on .NET platform. Otherwise you can use Java or PHP platforms also. Software as a Service providers also benefits greatly from custom solutions. There platform generally require a back-office management platform to enable the day today business operations. A single portal to manage the business, reporting and marketing website allows for the most comprehensive infrastructure.

Custom Lead Generation

Lead generation is a common field which we see is a need for custom developed solutions. This is because lead management varies from company to company. Different companies acquire leads from different sources. They may organize the leads and shuffle them to appropriate destinations differently. Custom solutions make streamlining and automating this in easier way as each company processes this data differently.

High Security Applications

High security is one of the reason which leads the simple project evolving into a custom built one. You can see this with websites for high security companies, political sites and even banking or finance applications. When security is key then site operators should choose customized approach to development.


The middle category of projects we see generally involve customers that are fit for the ready made solutions. These are more suitable in following sub categories:-

Information or marketing sites

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc and other CMS platforms make their earning from these types of applications. You can also bend this platform to meet your needs. To determine whether a platform is fit is to ask the future plans including future functionality.

Simple E-Commerce Websites

Simple e-commerce means commerce applications that can be fulfilled by taking a platform like Magento or taking WordPress and extending it via plugins such as WooCommerce. If you can accomplish your goals via those platforms with minimum modifications then they are good fit.

Simple Publishing

Platforms such as WordPress do a good job at publishing to the web. If your application needs a simple publishing with just one distribution channel then the readymade platforms may work well for you.

CaaS (Content as a service)

These are hosted content solutions. We like CaaS as it is an idea that content management should always be decoupled from the front end user experience. There is a value in this approach and we recommend it as the third category of service.

There are many system which provide hosted CMS platform. There are many use cases where this software fits:-

Complex Front End Design and Experiences

If you are looking to develop a front end experience while maintaining a functional and flexible CMS experience, CaaS is an amazing choice. It allows marketers and editors to manage content while the API driven delivery of content allows sophisticated front end developers and designers to deliver experience without the limitations of ready made platforms.

Short Development Cycles

As the CMS is already built and only requires content architecture and configuration therefore development cycles reduce very much. It is ideal choice for those clients which want advanced front end user experience in short period of time.


The goal of this post is to simplify the process of choosing a CMS platform. We have tried to breakdown the options available whereas in today’s market each vendor aims to fit one platform or solution in all of the cases or requirements. It is important for marketers, website owners and developers to understand the difference between them before making a final decision. Now you can understand where your organization stands hence you can get a better sense of what’s right for you, your future requirements and budget.

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