A tale of two brothers — his corporate job, my startup life.
Jose Aguinaga

Awesome article. I really loved your point of you and the constant positive comparison with your brother was enlightening.

For the past 3 years I’ve tried both, startup and medium-sized multinational organization. Recently, after attending a stunning seminar with top level recruiters and mentors I came to realize that no matter the environment, you can always adjust your job to what you love and like to do. If you do it well and your passion is radiant, surely people (and managers also) will follow and comply.

You can always introduce agile to a waterfall model or some old and solid design principals to a sprint. Who says that you cannot build a career by swapping teams every other week or not live on the cutting edge while developing a small sub module on a legacy system? Brilliant is he who brilliant does.

I wish to both you and your brother keep doing what you love and expanding your passions.

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